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  1. obscure

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    GH Mild 3.7% This is just really good it has a lovely nut like flavour too it, but over wise very smooth little in the way of bitterness (to be expected given the low hopping) it’s in my mind at least the ideal session beer tasty easy to drink and you can have a few pints without regretting it...
  2. obscure

    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    I did one of these last year a COVID test comes in the mail you book a collection online then take the sample first thing in the morning the day of the collection, the result (negative) came by text to me a few days later. Taking the sample is deeply unpleasant but as expected when you are...
  3. obscure

    Timothy Taylor landlord

    Alas I haven’t tried this one, that being said out of curiosity I looked up the recipe and it’s only 205g sugar I’m not really sure if it would make a huge difference if you kept it or opted to drop it and replace with a little extra malt.
  4. obscure

    Timothy Taylor landlord

    Going by the Timothy Taylor website ”Styrian Goldings, Goldings, Fuggles”
  5. obscure

    Timothy Taylor landlord

    I suppose it depends if you want a clone or just a good bitter. I’ve made this was Maris Otter, and S-04 and it produces a decent bitter but as mentioned not really an exact match for Landlord. I’m now rather tempted to give this a go with Golden Promise and West Yorkshire yeast to see if it...
  6. obscure

    Timothy Taylor landlord

    Just had a look at the recipe as couldn’t recall it using sugar, and was right so assume GW dropped the sugar in newer editions (I have the third edition) it’s just pale malt and black malt. Ive done this a few times and while I don’t think it an exact match for the beer it’s still a really...
  7. obscure

    Final SG ??

    If you haven’t already it would be worth double checking your hydrometer calibration (basically should read at roughly 1.000 in 20C water as while it is possible for beer to ferment this low, 1.000 is lower than would be expected (I was surprised when this kit fermented out to 1.005 when I made...
  8. obscure

    What did you brew today?

    The beer out of the fermentor tasted pretty good (though gravity was a lot lower than expected 1.002 instead of 1.014, part of this may have being my mash temperature though I do wonder about the yeast when it started dipping significantly below 1.010 I looked up the Wyeast Saison yeast on...
  9. obscure

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    7L of Technically not a Galaxy Vienna Smash (American Pale Ale) Total 4908 Litres
  10. obscure

    What did you brew today?

    Technically not a Galaxy Vienna Smash Fermentor Volume 9L Expected Packaged Volume 7L OG 1.054 Efficiency 62% Grain Bill 2.5KG Vienna 0.5KG Wheat Hops 10g Galaxy 30 Minutes 5g Galaxy 5 Minutes 10g Galaxy 3 Day dry hop (planned) Yeast CML Five This was mashed at 66 degrees was originally...
  11. obscure

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    GW Top Dog Stout Clone Not much of a head on it but still very smooth and drinkable I am trying to get through my larger kegs which won’t fit in the fridge before it gets too warm to drink without refrigeration (not that its exactly a chore drinking this).
  12. obscure

    Unusually large forum text

    Hi all back to normal now for me anyhow.
  13. obscure

    Unusually large forum text

    I’m seeing the same thing text in posted messages looks correct but people’s names are huge plus text While entering glad its not just me as I was double checking the zoom on my tablet trying to figure out what was going on.
  14. obscure

    Conditioning technique

    Conditioning really isn’t that complicated, basic rule of thumb for kits is the 2-2-2 rule, two weeks in primary, followed by two weeks somewhere warm followed by two weeks somewhere cool to condition. This of course isn’t absolute some beers take longer some a bit less, (you should ideally...
  15. obscure

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    GW Top Dog Stout Clone, smooth easy drinking to start off the weekend with.
  16. obscure

    Directors - Quick question

    I have to be honest that seems a pretty weird instruction to the point that I was assuming you had misread but looked it up and it is indeed in the instructions for this kit. https://www.muntons.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/160104-Courage-Directors-instruction-leaflet-updated.pdf I’m still...
  17. obscure

    Liquid malt extract

    One thing I noticed awhile ago while browsing get er brewed was their malt extract kits which use Isomerised hop extract for bitterness combined with dry hopping they also sell it separately: https://www.geterbrewed.com/isomerised-hop-extract-30-15ml-home-brew/ So I don’t see any reason in...
  18. obscure

    Can I still get an abv if I didn't take an O.G

    Was this kit brew in which case you could get a pretty good estimate of the OG I.e. 3KG of malt extract in a 23 L batch will give you an OG of about 1.040 it won’t be perfect but will give you a pretty good idea. https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/calculator If it’s all grain it’s...
  19. obscure

    Add malt extract or short brew?

    An interesting point ‘thinness’ is subjective I rather enjoyed the Youngs Heavy kit made with malt extract due to the sweet malty flavour so it’s very subjective. But yes dry hoping the kit could give some nice flavour (worth adding Crossmyloof do 25g hop tea bags which are excellent for this).
  20. obscure

    Add malt extract or short brew?

    Adding sugar in high amounts will tend to produce a fairly thin beer it adds alcohol and little else(one can kits I suspect suggest it because it helps with the whole only 20p a pint or similar marketing). Personally I would agree with labrewski and go with option 1.