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    Inkbird Amazon £22.49 Lightning Deal

    Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Dual Relays Heating Cooling 220V Plug: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools Only today and 80% claimed already.
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    Grainfather Bluetooth Connection to Brewfather

    Hi, How do I enable the Bluetooth connection on the Grainfather? I can't see anything on the Brewfather App and the display on the Connect box isn't displaying the Bluetooth logo. What am I not doing? Thanks
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    Tweaks to Youngs American Mocha Porter

    I did the Youngs American Mocha Porter back in September and everyone liked it, but I personally thought it could handle a bit more 'oompf'! So, I've bought it again with a view to doing a few additions on the brew next week. I'd welcome any thoughts or guidance on my plan. What I had in mind...
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    AG Recipe and brew pot not big enough

    Just starting on AG and done a few 1 gallon batches and now planning a 10lt brew to fill a half size corny keg. Planning to scale down the Black Sheep Ale recipe from the CAMRA Brew Your Own British Real Ale Book. The grain bill for this is about 2.1kg which suggests a 'mathematically scaled...