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  1. Bevvied

    Holland & Barrett Malt Extract Beer

    Below in bold is a review comment from the holland and barrett site, for their jars of malt extract. "Malt Extract 8 of these makes the best 6 gals of beer you can make with Fuggel and goldings hop s try it nice strong beer your mates will love it" Well, I've stockpiled too many jars of this...
  2. Bevvied

    DME vs LME

    Hi gang. Regarding one can kits, could you tell me whether you prefer using Liquid Malt Extract or Dried Malt Extract as the extra fermentable please. Do you find some types of beer/some types of kits suit one over the other? Is there a marked difference in taste/body/feel when using one...
  3. Bevvied

    Lager/Pils Kit Recommendation Please

    Evening.. Already thinking ahead to hopefully a bit of sun in the Spring/Summer, I'm looking to a get a kit Lager or Pils on the go soon, so it has months in the bottle to condition. To be brutally honest, I wouldn't know a good commercial Lager or Pils if it kicked me in the backside. Given...
  4. Bevvied

    Finlandia Traditional Ale

    I thought I'd give this little kit a go, for curiosity sake really. Not much to be found online at all about it, so thought I'd share my adventures along the way. It's a 1KG kit. The destructions come with projected ABV for brew lengths of 15L and 20L (5.6% and 4.3%) if using 1KG of sugar. Not...
  5. Bevvied

    Easy Keg 5L

    Before I waste 24 quid buying four of these... http://www.brewuk.co.uk/easy-keg.html Anyone here use them? If they function OK, they look like a cracking, inexpensive bit of kit for storing a session brew.
  6. Bevvied

    Can I Use This Chocolate Syrup?

    Would this stuff ferment out OK, or would it's ingredients cause some funky flavours? http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/sainsburys-price-comparison/Desserts/Lyles_Chocolate_Syrup_Squeezy_325g.html The Ingredients.. Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Chocolate Crumb (Sugar, Milk Solids, Cocoa Mass), Sweet...
  7. Bevvied

    Liquid Malt Extract, Uses?

    Hi everyone. Sorry for Newbie question #122. Regarding the liquid malt extract available here.. http://www.thehomebrewcompany.co.uk/light-premium-liquid-malt-extract-15kg-p-2284.html So, simply, if I was to make a one can kit, say a Coopers Lager, IPA, Ozzie Pale Ale etc, would it be...
  8. Bevvied

    60l fv

    I was doing a quick job at a house this morning (I'm a Locksmith, not a burglar) and the fella there had a brew on the go in a 60L FV. He told me he brewed 53L batches at a time (four times a year) to get 100 bottles of beer, each batch. As an aside, as a bitter drinker, he told me every batch...
  9. Bevvied

    Wilko Pilsner Toucan?

    Hi. Might be a daft question, but can I knock up a Toucan brew with Wilkos Delicate Pilsner? If so, should I brew it long? What would be a recommended amount of fermentables to add? I'd like something in the ballpark ABV of 5 to 5.5% I've a stock of brewing sugar, various spray malts, so can...
  10. Bevvied

    My Very First Pint Of Home Brew!

    I popped my cherry! OK OK, I know I shouldn't be drinking this yet, but curiosity got the better of me. It's only been in the bottle for a couple of weeks in the warm and a couple of days in the fridge, even still, it's bloody fantastic. I think I love this hobby. Thankfully, I only put four...
  11. Bevvied

    Wilkos Woodfordes Wherry £15

    I just grabbed a couple in store. http://www.wilko.com/cider+beer-brewing/woodfordes-wherry-bitter-kit-3kg/invt/0207610 Edited, their own one can kits were reduced to £8 as well.
  12. Bevvied

    Youngs Barley Wine ABV?

    Hi everyone. Bit of a newbie mistake on my part. I kicked off x2 Youngs Barley Wine Kits last weekend but forgot to take an original reading with the ol' hydrometer. Would any of you wise souls be able to take a stab at what an estimated final ABV will be for this? Thanks. I intend keeping it...
  13. Bevvied

    OK, Time To Get Cracking!

    Hiya everyone. Long story short, the missus suggested I take up home brewing as a hobby. For the life of me, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it myself, so obviously started nodding like a rapid dog. The missus spread the word that I was to be given home brewing gear for my birthday and...