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  1. Joc9410

    First Full AG

    Have been doing kits then tried small batch all grain before taking the plunge and going full AG with a brewzilla sitting begging to be used. Thought I would break it in easily by buying a pre weighed Belgian Blonde. Kit came with aroung 6.4 kg of lager and aromatic malts 46 g of perle pellet...
  2. Joc9410

    Festival Golden Stag

    Mixed this up tonite by the book but when I took SG it only came out at 1034. Bit confused at this to be honest. Read nothing but good reviews about it
  3. Joc9410

    Novice Advice

    Hi all Complete novice here. I've done a couple of kit beers which have turned out ok. Currently drinking the coopers irish stout. Tastes OK but poor head retention. Anyway the advice I'm looking for is I've a Coopers hefe wheat in the fermenter at the moment. Kit plus 1.5 kg of malt wheat in...