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  1. Brasseur français

    25 Kg Diablo Kit 74 euros

    Perhaps of limited interest to those in the UK but Brouwland have the big Brewferm Diablo kits on offer for 74 euros. I brew these kits really short (120 litres) and they are a great drop.
  2. Brasseur français

    Dry Hop in Standard Plastic Pressure Barrel

    So has anybody come up with a good way to do this in the bog standard pressure barrels? I have tried different bags but the 2 inch hole in the top makes getting a bag in near impossible let alone getting the things out again. A good sized tea ball would be a good shout but does one exist that...
  3. Brasseur français

    Suppliers changing Best Before dates

    I'm new here but just wanted to get people's opinion on something. I recently received a delivery of 10 beer kits from a well known supplier in the UK (I live in France). The reason I bought so many was a very tempting "special offer" price. On opening the boxes I noticed some of the tins...
  4. Brasseur français


    Hello there . I live (and farm Limousin cows) in the centre of France. I have been home brewing for twenty years and have something of a "habit". I have a dozen kegs and brew british ales and IPAs for myself and with/for a few local, English Irish and Australian beer lovers who can't adapt to...