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  1. Haggerma

    Show us your brew space

    My brew space is a fridge under the counter but I finally finished 'my space'.
  2. Haggerma

    Cold Crashing a Lager Kit

    I cold crashed my larger for a few days, most went into a corey, the others went into bottles, after 2 weeks in the it's still not clear, the keg is in the fridge and plan for it to be for for atleast another 2 weeks - hopefully longer if I don't run out of supplies. There is a lot of options on...
  3. Haggerma

    Bulldog premium cider - batch priming

    Been brewing my first cider and its ready for bottling tomorrow. The Instructions say a teaspoon of granulated sugar per 500ml bottle, but as I'm batch priming I was planning on dissolving 165g in about 300ml of warm water... Is this enough?
  4. Haggerma

    Selling All I have

    Hi, what do you have left?
  5. Haggerma

    Were you a Mondeo man?

    I was in the 'car enthusiast' category and turned my standard 1.6 ghia into this 2.0 rs2000 conversion. I always wanted the st220
  6. Haggerma

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    21l pilsner 22l rocket ale 23l Southern gold digger larger 66 total
  7. Haggerma

    Were you a Mondeo man?

    Always wanted one, but had an orion as my first card and now back to Ford after a few years with an smax
  8. Haggerma

    Finished setting up my beer lines

    Not the secondary ones, they are what I would call normal pub secondary regulators (got reconditioned ones on ebay). My primary regulator is an ODL wink... I Will tidy up the gas lines one day, I know I have gone a bit ott but at least it's done now.
  9. Haggerma

    Finished setting up my beer lines

    Virtually got all the lines setup under the bar, I have a three line maxi cooler, two lines going up to the taps and I need to connect up a party tap. This setup enables me to have a commercial keg and 2 corney running, whilst still having a spare line for carbinating another corney so my...
  10. Haggerma

    Definitely got the brewing bug

    So I only started brewing this year and I have just taken delivery of my 6th kit. First kit was a pilsner Second was Rocket ale Currently brewing Southern gold digger larger. Next is bulldog mixed berries cider Followed by either the wherry bargain I got at tesco or the Better Brew - Bandit...
  11. Haggerma

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    I'm drinking the half a bottle of golden Rock pale ale left after bottling tonight. 2nd kit has gone well, filled up the neck of the bottle this time wink...
  12. Haggerma

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    These arrived today.
  13. Haggerma

    Higher than expected final gravity reading

    So it's still stable, moving onto cold crashing ready for bottling towards the end of the week.
  14. Haggerma

    Happy sunday from swale...

    Hello and welcome, another Kent user.
  15. Haggerma

    Higher than expected final gravity reading

    Oh I become a supporting member before I even posted lol. Spent some time searching on the fourm and could see it was a helpful friendly bunch. I used to be into modifying cars in my youth and found them so valuable, so when I find a good one which I'm Lilley to use for the long term I'll...
  16. Haggerma

    Higher than expected final gravity reading

    Thanks all for the comments, it's only my 2nd kit so I'm still very much learning.
  17. Haggerma

    Higher than expected final gravity reading

    Evening all So, I have had a beerworks golden rocket pale ale kit brewing. I Added the hops on day 7 (kit did day day 5) and then left it for another 10 days - so 17 days in total. Took a gravity reading yesterday and today (today being day 10). It has been at a stable 20 degrees throughout...
  18. Haggerma


    Got some here in Kent this evening
  19. Haggerma

    Hello all - another newbe

    I spotted a few a few weeks ago and my trolley was already full so was not doing to carry it, it was £20 then, so yes bargain at £10.