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  1. Joust

    What BBQ?

    My first one was a cheap little box bbq like this You could have the grill as in the photo, or vertically with a wall of charcoal trapped behind it and then a chicken on a skewer that rotated in front of it. Something like this and a £5 battery powered rotating skewer like this dude It...
  2. Joust

    What BBQ?

    I only use charcoal. But my dad retired to Cyprus a while ago and uses the BBQ nearly everyday, so he has become a gas man. It makes sense, really. I only get a few chances to BBQ. So building a fire and the mess at time involved are no issue.
  3. Joust

    What BBQ?

    A BBQ that can rotate a whole chicken over, or in front of, a flame is amazing. It's a proper game changer.
  4. Joust

    Stout tap and mixed (pub gas)- worth it?

    **** for a lager though.
  5. Joust

    Stout tap and mixed (pub gas)- worth it?

    I used a 60% nitrogen and 40% co2 for a while and the difference was very noticeable. Especially in my darker beers. Thick tight creamy head. A long cascade of tiny bubbles that took a while to settle and a nice creamy texture. And obviously less carbonation. Splitting a brew and doing one keg...
  6. Joust

    CO2 regulator

    I do not have an answer. But am interested in why it's important
  7. Joust

    PINTER beer system

    My friend has just drunk his first punt from one of these. He's the sort who likes gadgets. For a few weeks. Then it's landfill He said it was actually ok tasting. Even his ever annoyed wife agreed it was drinkable. He'd never done any brewing before. So I suppose it could be a gateway drug...
  8. Joust

    What's ya cost saver?

    From above Overall, spent dry hops retained 77 percent of alpha acids. Overall, spent dry hops retained 51 percent of total oil.
  9. Joust

    What's ya cost saver?

    Dry hopping or boil?
  10. Joust

    What's ya cost saver?

    I was talking to a couple of old boys about brewing recently. They were banging on about their cost saving tips. One said they reuse their spent dry hopping hops in the next boil. Which sounds a bit mad to me. And the other said they get about 10 uses out of their sanitiser mix. I'm not...
  11. Joust

    Incognito Hop Extract.

    I think they've made it more "flowable" since the first lot.
  12. Joust

    Yeast cell count?

    What difference does it make to the brewing, out of interest?
  13. Joust

    Electric guitar for a beginner?

    If you don't want to buy an amp yet, you can buy a headphone amp with distortion (and other effects) for 15 quid or so.
  14. Joust

    Accidentally froze yeast

    Good stuff. I knew you could freeze it. Homebrewing seems full of myths and nonsense.
  15. Joust

    Accidentally froze yeast

    Looking forward to your findings
  16. Joust

    Would you still vote for Brexit?

    I can't tell if you're joking or not
  17. Joust

    Corny Disaster!

    The little taps that attach to the post are great. But I quickly realised I'd prefer a proper pub tap fastened to a wood board for more pub like serving. I found a 2nd hand pub tap was cheaper and more satisfying to use.
  18. Joust


    Thanks for the detail. Very much appreciated. Mine have been chooching along nicely at about 35c. And will get 95% done in 3 to 5 days. With the vast majority happening in the first 48 hours. But after that it's very slow (relatively) to the end. I'll try your tips and see if I can do better...
  19. Joust

    Oh, my! Was it really off?

    It sounds like you made some ergot LSD booze cocktail.