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  1. spigley

    Calling those fermenting under pressure!

    I like using these from brew2bottle £50. Good as you can see exactly what is happening. I have 17L of Golden ale using Wyeast London 111 and pressure is about 10psi. This is day 5
  2. spigley

    Mini Kegs

    Good to find another local brewer, definitely will meet when some sort of normality returns, maybe split orders of ingredients etc. Sounds like you keep a good selection of fresh yeasts. I've been in all the good places you mention and looking forward to revisiting some soon.
  3. spigley

    Mini Kegs

    Hi Galena, I got my CO2 6kg bottle from gas & hire limited in Chesterfield (they are also in Sheffield) £50 deposit and £16.20 fill inc. VAT. Lasts ages even with all the kegs I have. I also have a bottle on loan from my local landlord, I give him £10 when I need another full bottle
  4. spigley

    Lemon drop hops

    I've just made a brew using these hops this week. First time trying them so it will be a few weeks to see how it comes out. Made mine with Europlils malt and a bit of light Munich. I have had them about a year unopened, bought them after having a pint of Lemondrop pale that was on tap briefly at...
  5. spigley

    Anna's Brewdays

    I got the same filler from Ali Express earlier this year, not so cheap now you have to pay 20% VAT on the item and 20% VAT on shipping cost which is added on before the item is sent. Depends on the exchange rate on the day, mine came out at £37.38 inclusive but arrived in 8 days
  6. spigley

    Portable options for serving from a keg

    You can get a similar cornelius keg adapter that uses an S30 HB bottle to top up. I got mine from Lovebrewing but currently they are showing as out of stock
  7. spigley

    FOR SALE new iSpindels fully build and tested £30

    I will take the last one if its still available, thanks
  8. spigley

    Best place to order wine kits?

    I ordered 3 kits from Lovebrewing with free delivery, ordered Saturday and it was delivered by courier on Monday
  9. spigley

    Fermzilla lid

    Had mine 18 months and it's still stiff, I guess it shows it's a good seal. I put fingers behind the neck and push the posts with my thumbs and it eventually unseals
  10. spigley

    What size gas tank

    I have a 6kg bottle, 6 gas lines and 4 cornys usually connected all the time. We get through about 1 keg a week and my current gas bottle is still going after more than 5 months. Previously a bottle only lasted 1-2 months until I re-did all my connectors and pipes so I guess I don't have any...
  11. spigley


    Foul stinking stuff especially when you encounter it in American airports and in cinemas
  12. spigley

    Condensation in garage

    I have just started doing the same, works well especially when its a calm day without any through breeze
  13. spigley

    Win a Kit of your Choice from LoveBrewing

    I fancy the idea of Oaked Bourbon Porter. Hopefully one day I will win something!
  14. spigley

    Mangrove Jacks Hard Seltzers Competition Time

    I'm in, sound interesting
  15. spigley

    Brewzilla thread to share knowledge, experiences and good practice

    I often boil close to this level, 70 batches done now and not been caught out yet. I keep a big stainless steel spoon in one hand, have a close by spray bottle and if needed quickly flick the power switch off. I keep both power switches on until boil then only have the more powerful switch on...
  16. spigley

    Crossmyloof "Hell" Lager Yeast - opinions

    I pitched 1pk in18L on Saturday, took about 24hrs to get going at 14C and it's bubbling away happily now. I've used it about half a dozen times in the Spring and been pleased with the results though these were my first attempts at Lager.
  17. spigley

    Spent grain, compost bin and mice

    Wild birds don't seem interested in the grain, mine goes to my neighbours chickens in return for access to her village spring water (my supply is metered on Severn Trent) some of which I return to her as beer