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  1. Bedale Brewman

    Brewery near you?

    I have Theakstons and Black Sheep near me in Masham
  2. Bedale Brewman

    Pub quality extract kit.

    Another vote for the Festival kits. Their Landlord hits the spot.
  3. Bedale Brewman

    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    Hi Chippy can you add me - DL8 1AY - ta
  4. Bedale Brewman

    Is it just me or is this forum overly socialist

    The only way forward is with a Labour government led by Marcus Rashford...
  5. Bedale Brewman

    Hello from Newcastle

    Welcome from a Durham lad in North Yorkshire
  6. Bedale Brewman

    Show us your pickles

    Hi we've started a new business in North Yorkshire called Joy's Kitchen and we have made all sorts of jams and chutneys - for instance Courgette Relish, Orchard Chutney, Spiced Plum Chutney, Damson Cheese, Damson Jam, Apple, Pear and Apricot Chutney. Just on with Mincemeat and Christmas...
  7. Bedale Brewman

    Trump has Covid.

    There is a God...
  8. Bedale Brewman

    Hello from central Scotland

    Welcome to the forum from North Yorkshire
  9. Bedale Brewman

    What is the best kit out there?

    Festival Landlord is really good. Look for kits that have hops to add to your brew.
  10. Bedale Brewman

    What did you brew today?

    Brewing Hughes' Winter Warmer. Using BIAB method and using a hopbag I got from Aldi for 20p. Smells amazing. Just waiting to add a jar of honey and the final hops.
  11. Bedale Brewman

    A kit similar to Timothy Taylor Landlord?

    Another vote for the Festival Landlord kit. Very good
  12. Bedale Brewman

    Greg Hughes recipes

    Making Winter Warmer now. Let's see how it turns out later...
  13. Bedale Brewman

    Hello from California

    Welcome to our great forum!
  14. Bedale Brewman

    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Count me in please. Fermentasaurus Snub Nose Starter Kit > Fermentasaurus Snub Nose Starter Kit I love brewing and am interested this method of making beer
  15. Bedale Brewman

    Cider from apples..

    I have a local farm holding near me, in North Yorkshire, who have several pressing days where you can bring your apples and use their scratter and presses and take away the juice. They will also pasteurise apple juice so it will store for longer. Been doing this for three years. Good cider takes...
  16. Bedale Brewman

    Man Caves

    I have a lean-to man cave that used to be a tool shed but now has a new roof and windows and a bar!
  17. Bedale Brewman

    Greg Hughes recipes

    I am thinking about making his Winter Warmer. Has anyone made it? What did you think?
  18. Bedale Brewman

    Mods to a 40L Buffalo boiler

    I used a 3/8th inch ball valve and the other bits and pieces from BES - see The newer boilers have an oval hole instead of a round hole. I overtightened the tap and shredded the Kevlar...
  19. Bedale Brewman

    A struggling newbie

    Check your barrel top is tightened up so pressure is not escaping - use silicon gel or vaseline. Should be OK just give it time.
  20. Bedale Brewman

    Greg Hughes recipes

    Thanks I'll check it out.