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  1. Ale House Rock

    Razorback IPA - darker than normal?

    Hi everyone. I have a Razorback IPA just about finished fermenting. Have made this successfully a few times before. Took a sample to check gravity and on looking at it in the hydrometer tube and now looking at the fermentation bucket, it seems much darker in colour than I remember. More like a...
  2. Ale House Rock

    Youngs Red India Ale

    Just set up my second batch of this kit and once again I got a starting gravity of 1.052. The kit doesn't give any clue as to the intended SG but given I got the same result twice would make me think I've done an OK job of setting this up. The kit does state a final gravity of below 1.010 which...
  3. Ale House Rock

    1 year of brewing - what worked, what didn't

    Hi everyone. Been browsing this forum for help on and off for the past year so thought it was time to make a contribution and hopefully give something back. First up I have to thank all those who posted advice, reviews do's and don'ts that have helped me along the way. I have brewed kits mainly...