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  1. Cyberjip

    How long for corny to clear.

    I keg all my beer (at least initially) Anf was wondering how long it normally takes your kegs to be absolutely clear, mainly interested in cold crashed un-fined processes. But interested in possibly doing it a different way if you think it's superior
  2. Cyberjip

    THBC shipping

    Not offering free delivery over £70 anymore, or is it temporary while they try to deal with the coronavirus demand spike.
  3. Cyberjip

    Quick little build (adjustable whirlpool arm)

    Though I would just post this up in case anyone was thinking of doing the same. Everything done in stainless steel. First I had to drill my kettle, pain in the f*****g ass, if anyone has any tips on how to make this any easier I would appreciate it. Thaen made myself a bulkhead out of some...
  4. Cyberjip

    PH tester

    Quick one, Any recommendations for a good (preferably cheap) PH tester, I bought this one However it doesn't work properly , won't always switch on, and now allways just displays 1. Did I just get a dud or should I buy a more expensive one?
  5. Cyberjip


    Just a quick one. For those thay have spigots/taps on plastic FVs do you take them off between uses to clean, or just leave them on and clean and sanitize in place.
  6. Cyberjip

    My kegorator build

    Bit of a long post on my kegorator build with plenty of pictures. Thanks to everyone for the input on my Kegorator or Keezer thread. I finally decided to go with a fridge, ordered the Currys essentials tall lader fridge CTL55W18 as it met my wants and needs for a reasonable price. My tools...
  7. Cyberjip

    Water treatment question.

    Just a quick one as I haven't really done any dark beers using my current water supply, Seems to be an awful lot stuff going into the boil. This might be normal was just wondering if this looks off to anybody else. This is what I have according to scotish water Water breakdown CA...
  8. Cyberjip

    Cyberjip's Brewnight

    Last night I brewed the lager that I had help with from this thread. 21L, ABV 4.65 IBU 39.9 SRM 3.5 The final recipe was, 4.6kg pilsner 2row 95.8% 0.2kg csrapils 4.2% 65g Saaz 90mins 25 Saaz 30 mins 25 Saaz 10 mins 25 Saaz 0...
  9. Cyberjip

    Kegorator or Keezer

    Hi, I know there is a fair bit of discussion about theese, I have read a lot of it but still can't make up my mind. So all my fittings have turned up and despite scouring the internet and local shops I can't seem to find a second hand fridge or freezer that satisfies what I want. Starting...
  10. Cyberjip

    All about lager

    Hi all, I am going to need to brew some lager for the summer as it's been requested I make the beer for a big BBQ my parents are putting on, While I do enjoy a nice lager from time to time in the summer I have never brewed one. Any and all info on how to do a really good brew, IE a close...
  11. Cyberjip

    Checking in from Scotland.

    Hi just moved up and started brewing in Argyll. First test brew put through my new kit is a twin hopped (citra and simcoe) APA.
  12. Cyberjip

    North Argyll

    I just moved into this area and started homebrewing. And was wondering if anyone else is in this area. Also where do you think is best to get/order ingredients from. Cheers