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  1. Darren Jeory

    Pressure kegs

    Does anyone know of a dispense tap that can be fitted to a pressure keg spigot? Or alternatively has anyone rigged their own? I was looking at those "picnic dispensers" that are basically a thumb triggered tap on a hose intended for corny kegs. Could you detach the tube and fit to the spigot...
  2. Darren Jeory

    Maris Otter and East Kent Golding

    I fancy making a good old British brew with MO and EKG. What recipes have you guys got that incorporate these british beauties?
  3. Darren Jeory

    Mini keg

    Just thought I would share this as it looks to me like a good deal as they have the tap built in and the price is good...
  4. Darren Jeory

    Cold conditioning

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can cold condition then bottle/carb or if you should bottle first? Thanks
  5. Darren Jeory

    Under carbonation

    Hi all I have a beer thats in plastic PET bottles that is in serious danger of being under carbed. I'm thinking of opening each bottle and putting in 1 or maybe half a carb drop in. Does anyone see an issue with this before I do something irreversible? Thanks
  6. Darren Jeory

    Dark lager

    Hi all Me (AGAIN!) I'm wanting to create a dark lager ala kozel or some of the other great Czech beers. Some recipes with you to use 50% black malt but this seems like a lot to me...I was thinking of subbing for chocolate malt as you tend to get that chocolatey/caramel after flavour with this...
  7. Darren Jeory

    Plastic electric mash tun

    Are these any good? My klarstein isn't arriving and I've given up on them as a brand so are the plastic bucket ones any good?
  8. Darren Jeory

    New mash tun needed

    Hi there I had a klarstein Füllhorn ordered but it never turned up and as a result a refund is inbound. Does anyone know of a non-klarstein mash kettle for sub £170.00? Are the plastic ones any good? Thanks
  9. Darren Jeory

    Norweigian Farmhouse Kveik

    I stumbled upon this in the list of ingredients for a Vienna lager. I'm always on the lookout for a good "lager" yeast that ferments warm but this seems to ferment at almost impossibly warm temps. Anyone used it?
  10. Darren Jeory

    Wheat beers

    I saw a recipe for a hoegarden clone that requires 2.5kg of bulgur wheat. Malt Miller don't carry that...could you substitute for wheat flakes?
  11. Darren Jeory

    Home brew starter kit

    Hi there My brother wants to get his father in law a homebrew starter kit for his birthday. Can anyone suggest a decent kit or site where they have kits that have everything in them to get started. Just brew in a bucket. Thanks
  12. Darren Jeory

    Mangrove Jacks California Lager Yeast

    On another thread some of the guys suggested using the above yeast to ferment lager at ambient temps. I've now ordered some and plan on attempting a pilsner urquell "clone" (not using same yeast so not really a clone) and was wondering what peoples experiences were with it? I'm assuming its a...
  13. Darren Jeory

    Kolsch advice

    Hi all, just ordered all the stuff to make my first ever kolsch. I have heard that achieving floculation can be a bit of an ****. I was planning on carrying out primary and then putting my vessel outside (currently 2C to 8C) to attempt a cold crash for a week before bottling and lagering. Does...
  14. Darren Jeory

    Wort pump

    Can anyone tell me if this is ok to use for wort circulation? Also it has a funny connector how would I connect that to mains....or just suggest a...
  15. Darren Jeory

    Anyone made a home made kegerator?

    Just seen a YouTube video on how to make your own kegerator...looke TOO it as easy as driling out a 2nd hand under counter fridge? Thanks
  16. Darren Jeory

    DiY wort chiller

    Anyone made their own wort chiller? I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of the correct copper pipe to buy so I don't waste my money. Thanks
  17. Darren Jeory

    Lager brewing

    Can anyone recommend a lager yeast that does not need a kegerator to ferment. Temps outside right now are sub 10C so is there a lager yeast I could use that can take advantage of that before it gets too warm?
  18. Darren Jeory

    Wort recirculation Vs not

    Hi all I'm looking at getting an electric mash kettle (grainfather too expensive) and I've noticed that klarstein do a range and from what I can see there is over £100 difference between one that recirculates the wort and one that doesn't. How much of an advantage is having the recirculation...
  19. Darren Jeory

    Anyone selling a brewzilla robo brew

    The can't afford the outlay of a new one but if a one is selling im listening ;) Thanks
  20. Darren Jeory

    Brewzila robobrew

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone is using a brewzilla. Can't afford a grainfather but this looks like a much more affordable alternative. Thanks