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  1. Cyberjip

    Giveaway-Lerway Fermentation Heating Pad

    I have 3 ITC-308's that I'm very happy with
  2. Cyberjip

    Perfect way to keep price per pint down.

    Yes bit of an outlay to begin with but I for one think it's defently worth it. Once you have it all up and running it is quick and easy to use / fill kegs and unlike what somebody else said I now don't have to keep sinking money into it. The only costs now are a little bit of gas (pennies per...
  3. Cyberjip

    Perfect way to keep price per pint down.

    Food grade plastic buckets from Amazon are a good price and just the same thing in reality, just modify them if you want to add any homes ore extras
  4. Cyberjip

    Perfect way to keep price per pint down.

    At least a few months. Yet to have any beer go bad on me. I tend to have 4 differnt brews ready to serve at one time. I don't drink all that much really probably only less than 10 pints a week at moment. Always have another one ready to go on when a keg kicks that may have been conditioning for...
  5. Cyberjip

    New member old brewer

    Hi welcome. I'm sure that the equipment they had back in those days wasn't to extravagant or thecnical, then again I may be compleatly wrong, what is it your recipes call for?
  6. Cyberjip

    Getting ready for first bottling day.

    For sure sanitize your bottles. My top tip for first time bottlers, practice your siphoning first with a container of water and a few bottles. Better to waste water practicing than beer that has taken weeks to create. Also have a couple of towels handy Good luck!
  7. Cyberjip

    Draught beer.

    Also bottle conditioned is fine to CAMRA, if you care about what they think
  8. Cyberjip

    Draught beer.

    Why would you care what those stuffy stuck in there ways people would think. Surely it's about making and serving great beer. Not about what some organisation tells you how you should do it.
  9. Cyberjip

    Hopsteep Brewing

    Sounds tasty, need to brew myself a Belgium style beer. Have one more other brew to do first though. Let us know what it's like after conditioning.
  10. Cyberjip

    Just nabbed a 1/4 cask! Imperial Stout meets wood experiment!

    You should aim to brew a larger volume than the cask will take, because the last thing you want is to be short and leave any headspace whatsoever. Ok. If its dry you need to get it soaking last month but if not right now will have to do. Is it clean? If it is. I would recommend doing a quick...
  11. Cyberjip

    Just nabbed a 1/4 cask! Imperial Stout meets wood experiment!

    Few things to say about this. You should get a good flavour from the cask. It will then subtly change taking on flavours from the beers you put in. Is it setup like a normal beer cask with 2 openings? Shive and keystone. You should defently leak test it. If it is made correctly the pressure...
  12. Cyberjip

    Dry Hopping and Cold Crashing

    Good read, thanks for posting
  13. Cyberjip

    Inkbird itc-308

    This should be fine, I have mine set with +/- 2 although set at 6.5 and it works fine
  14. Cyberjip

    Hopsteep Brewing

    Ok same ball park as me then. Thanks for the write up keep up the good work.
  15. Cyberjip

    Hopsteep Brewing

    I can't see the wires but your setup is presumably a 50L electric, if so I have similar and have a couple of questions, what efficiencies do you normally get and what do your pots look like inside, are they false bottom or bazooka filters or something else entirely. Just curious as I would...
  16. Cyberjip

    Cornelius keg beer storage

    I have been using cornys for a number of years and have never had a noticeable metallic taste. However I have never had a lager in one, untill now seems fine at the moment but I'll report back if anything changes.
  17. Cyberjip

    Hole size for bar tap?

    If you mean the shank that the tap connects to it need a a 21mm hole I believe
  18. Cyberjip

    My kegorator build

    I'm not sure, and that is the exact reason I made one from wood. Two full kegs combined will total over 50kg so I wouldn't want to risk it.
  19. Cyberjip

    Cheapest place to buy Silicone O-Rings?

    Get a big set from screwfix for all your o-ring needs.
  20. Cyberjip

    Kegging a Polypin

    Can't see any problem, just take care to keep the oxygen out when transferring and give the keg a good purge.