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  1. DCBC

    Maintaining fermentation temperatures: individual vessels vs entire brewery (air con)

    Yes this is another of those fermentation temperature questions. I hope it's a little more different to the norm however! I'm finishing off my brewery build which is a garden office (galvanised steel shell with timber studwork, proboard and insulation, double glazed windows/doors all along one...
  2. DCBC

    Heating a brewery

    I hope this is the right place to post this. It is I think technically about equipment. My brewery is a modified garden office with a cold water supply and electrics. It has double glazing and insulated walls and it has, so far, managed to maintain about 2oC even when it has been -6 outside. I...
  3. DCBC

    Brewery floor

    Morning, brewing brothers and sisters, I know this isn't technically an equipment question, but I couldn't find a more suitable board to post it on. I was hoping that someone with a little more DIY expertise than me might be able to help out, please! I've had a garden unit installed for use as...