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  1. Alastair70

    Session IPA

    Anyone brewed a good one of these? I had hoped the GEB Crisp English IPA would be a good go-to for a dry hoppy lower alcohol summer quaffer. It's definitely a nice beer, but way off the mark for what I was looking for. Here's my first go at redressing the balance. The plan; more interesting the...
  2. Alastair70

    AG#18 - Holy Mole Chocolate chilli stout

    It's bloody freezing round these parts so decided to brew a real warmer upper. Inspired by Mexican mole sauce (one I haven't actually made for a while) spice and chocolate additions are getting added to an imperial strength stout. Water additions CaCl to get chloride:sulphate ratio to 2:1 CRS...
  3. Alastair70

    AG#18 American Amber Ale

    Had been on my to brew list for a while, and after the fantastic secret santa brew from @dave_77 I thought it was time to get the finger out. Water Alk 35ppm, Ca 125, Cl 55, SO4 55 Fermentables (Crisp from GetErBrewed) Maris Otter 3.3kg Light Munich 2.2kg Medium Crystal 300g Light Crystal...
  4. Alastair70

    I’ve got gas!!

    6.4kg of CO2 to be precise. Keg, regulator and tap arriving on Thursday, I’m very excited 😝
  5. Alastair70

    AG#17 - Munich Helles

    First brew destined for a keg, I've had enough of bottling whole batches. Recipe based on John Palmer - How to Brew. Water additions CRS - target alkalinity 20ppm CaCl - target Cl:SO4 1:1 Fermentables - all Wayermann from GEB 4.5kg Bohemian Pilsner malt 350g Munich Type 2 100g melanoidin malt...
  6. Alastair70


    Final straw, I’ve just lost the half dozen or so bottles of my last brew the were at the back of the brew fridge and froze. My fault, I’d over filled it and the inkbird thermistor was at the front so the fridge was running the whole time. Anyway, I’ve decided to turn it into a kegerator. I brew...
  7. Alastair70

    Water for a Munich Helles

    Winter‘s here and it’s time to get a lager on the go. Planning a Helles but struggling to get my head round water profiles. I’m going to brew John Palmers recipe from How to Brew. He recommends Mg 10, Ca 50-100, Cl 50-100 and SO4 0-50 I’m starting with Mg 6, Ca 42, Cl 20 and SO4 54 First...
  8. Alastair70

    Wood fired steak

    First Time cooking a Cote D’Boeuf on the wood fired oven. 90 minute sous vide at 55C then about 10 searing time on the grill. I’ve done this loads on the BBQ, but this was a completely different meal. The smoky charcoal flavours are gone, and the higher cooking temp delivered the most amazing...
  9. Alastair70

    Bass Export - nostalgia brew

    Having spent the all of my University years, and the most of the rest of what was left of the 1990's consuming Bass Export by the gallon I thought I have a go at recreating something similar. Here's where I've got to. Fermentables 4kg Marris Otter - extra pale 400g Crisp Light Crystal 400g...
  10. Alastair70

    Dry Hopping

    Quick question. In the past I've put the pellets in a nylon hop bag, made a hop tea and poured the lot into the fermenter. I'm dry hopping today. If if chuck the hops straight in will a good cold crash clear them from the beer?
  11. Alastair70

    John Palmers Oktoberfest Lager

    From How To Brew. Has anyone brewed this? I‘ll be bottling up my dunkleweizen later this week, if it ever decides to stop fermenting. The fermenters and brew fridge will be sitting idle for a few months while I empty the now full home brew bottle collection. So I thought I might as well have a...
  12. Alastair70

    AG No.12 - 'Isolation Brew' - a Dunkleweizen

    I'm determined to brew a good dunkleweizen, this is iteration number 3. 23L batch Water Alk 80ppm HCO3, Ca 150ppm 19L mash, 15L sparge Fermentables Bohemian Wheat 3kg Bohemian Pilsner 2kg Special W 400g Carafa special II 400g Mash 60min - 66C 10min - 75C Hops Hallertauer Mittlefruh 40g 60min...
  13. Alastair70


    Things to do with kids during lockdown #17 Get your 12 yr old to make sourdough from scratch I‘ve explained the process and why we won’t get to bake bread for at least a week. The first aliquot of flour and water are sitting in a sterilised Kilner jar and the the feeding timetable has been...
  14. Alastair70

    Isolation brew

    Looks like Get Er Brewed are still delivering. I've been sent home from work and realistically will have a week or two to hide out before the s**t hits the fan and I get to spend the rest of the current crisis either being sick myself or looking after the sick if I'm not. It'll be nice to have...
  15. Alastair70

    AG no.11 - American Pale Ale

    Based on James Morton's Undead Pale Ale, this is a more malty APA with a single hop, Citra. Sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a go. Fermentables Maris Otter 4.5kg Caramunich I 0.4kg Melanodin 0.2kg Crystal 15L 0.2kg Carapils 0.2kg Water Ca 100ppm, Alk 20ppm, SO4 110, Cl 60 Mash vol...
  16. Alastair70

    AG#10 - 'Golden Ticket' Continental Lager

    23L batch; 17L mash, 15L sparge Alk 20ppm, Ca 70ppm, Cl 47ppm, SO4 68ppm Fermentables (Wayermann) Bohemian Pilsner 4.5kg Bohemian Wheat 0.5kg Mash 60min 65C 10min 75C Boil 60 minutes 50g Saaz 60min 20g Saaz 15min Protoflac tab 15min* Fermentation 1.5 sachets Fermentis Saflager W-34/70 Temp...
  17. Alastair70

    First lager brew

    Planning to do a post Christmas lager now the brew fridge is up and running. Any comments from seasoned brewers will be greatly appreciated. The plan so far... 23L batch; 17L mash, 15L sparge Fermentables (Wayermann) Bohemian Pilsner 4.5kg Bohemian Wheat 0.5kg Mash Single step 65C Boil 90...
  18. Alastair70

    El Capitan Oatmeal Stout

    Took a bit longer than planned to get round to this one. In the meantime I've polished off all stocks of both wheat beers and the last ale I brewed. So plenty of empty bottles waiting to be refilled. Had a very pleasant days brewing on Friday, didn't chill post boil then pitched my yeast...
  19. Alastair70

    AG no.6 - Drunkle Stephen

    After the great result with last months Hefeweizen, (and the accidental over-order wheat), I've followed up with a Weihenstephan Dunkle. Starters made, water treatment is complete and the Grainfather is set to hit temperature at 12.30 tomorrow. I've a half-day at work tomorrow morning and the...
  20. Alastair70

    AG no.5 - Weiss The Flock

    19L batch Water profile Ca 50ppm, HCO 25ppm Fermentables 2kg Weyermann Pale Wheat Malt 1.8kg Weyermann Pale Ale Malt 0.13kg Weyermann Munich Malt Mash vol 14.5L 20mins 50C protein rest 60mins 66C 10mins 75C mash out Sparge vol 12.75L Boil 60mins Single hop addition, Hallertauer Mittlefrau...