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  1. DavidDetroit

    Is the Meghan Interview with Oprah a big deal in the UK? Is/was Oprah Winfrey a big celeb with you folks?

    It was a pretty large event here, some beans spilled. I just found out that she's a movie star and not a simple Caucasian ( thought she looked Italian, maybe?). Full disclosure: the totality of my knowledge comes from watching a Stephen Colbert monologue about her and Prince (?) Harry. There's...
  2. DavidDetroit

    Gold Statue at Conservative Conference

    I think I've seen everything now. This statue of the former US president is on prominent display at the yearly Republican conference. There have been a few who've connected the dots between the golden calf from the Bible and that statue.
  3. DavidDetroit

    Impeachment trial on TV in the UK

    Is the trial being aired in full (if not on a delay) in the UK? I'm finding it hard to look away from it. The House managers (loosely, the prosecutors) are doing a fine job. It won't matter though since the Senate GOP won't budge other than a small number. @Chippy_Tea if this is too spicy of a...
  4. DavidDetroit


    Back to back "victories" for POTUS.
  5. DavidDetroit

    Advice/Feedback Requested on Adding Yeast at Bottling Time

    Hello. Thank you, in advance, for your responses. I have a batch of Belgian with an OG of 1.104 and a FG of 1.004. It's been in the fermenter for six weeks. I used two MJ-41s. I usually bottle after three weeks so this situation hasn't come up before. I'm 50/50 on whether to add a packet of...
  6. DavidDetroit

    Best BBC/UK shows on Netflix

    I know there are other threads similar but hopefully not identical to this one. If this happens to be ridiculously repetitive, Chippy can delete this redundant thread and PM me and point me in the right direction. I'm in the US and I'm "out" of binging material. I'm not an aficionado on either...
  7. DavidDetroit

    Would an NFL franchise be successful in the UK?

    I'm just curious as to what your thoughts are. Is American football interesting enough? The biggest logistic hurdle is the time zone. It would seem that the UK team would be at a huge disadvantage having to travel 8 times per season whereas teams in the division only travels once.
  8. DavidDetroit

    Scent Crazy

    I was in my house the other day and got hit by an overwhelming cologne/perfume smell. I really thought someone was at my front door. It turns out that it was a neighbor across the street getting into his car. I just don't like the fake scents but didn't realize, until after reading, that they...
  9. DavidDetroit

    Wanted: Experienced Mangrove Jack User

    I was pleased with M-41 for a 10% ABV Belgian. It was my first time using Mangrove Jack's. I just sprinkled and waited ten minutes--before putting the lid on, not for it to be finished fermenting. What do you think of two M-42's for a high ABV stout or Old Ale? Anyone with experience on this?
  10. DavidDetroit

    Adding ice to lower pitching temp

    I use a wort chiller but it has difficulty bringing the 3 or 3.5 gallons of wort down to 70F this time of year. Does anyone see a negative to adding some ice for topping up to 5 gallons? I thought topping up with cold tap water would do it but I only got the wort down to 80F. Thanks.
  11. DavidDetroit

    grilling corn

    I just looked the method up on Google and I have no complaints so far on how I roast corn on the gas grill but I wouldn't mind being better. 1) I soak it for however long (at least a half hour) 2) I pull down the top, remove the silk and then 3) tie it up with kitchen string. 4) I cook it until...
  12. DavidDetroit

    How to use "Cheers." Not joking. I'm American.

    @Chippy_Tea Note: I may have asked this question before so please bear with me. Anyone can answer this question, if you feel like it, and I welcome all the insight. I don't mind learning things. I'm pretty sure "Cheers" means "Thank you" but it also seems to be a little more nuanced than that...
  13. DavidDetroit

    Is there an easy Belgian candi syrup recipe for D-90?

    I don't drop a lot of money on hops so it's the DME/LME or the Belgian sugar that gets me. I can't do anything about the extract but if I can make my own sugars, it would make my month. Also, if any of you know of a reliable (and fairly easy) method for making dark candi sugar, that would also...
  14. DavidDetroit

    Derogatory term

    Someone on this forum used the word "Yank" as in "'s a Yank thing..." to describe people from the US. I wasn't offended or anything but there seemed to be an undertone--not sure why. So, I delved in and tried to decipher what was what. I didn't get a real feel for it; basically, my two...
  15. DavidDetroit

    Misunderstanding? NFL Jaguars arrested in London Come on, Jaguars! I've read a few of the articles (no telling what really happened) but there are questions unanswered. $64K bar bill? What were they doing out...
  16. DavidDetroit


    Hopefully, Chippy isn't the only one "allowed" to start posts here. In honor of the NFL playing in the UK today, which was a decent game with teams in contention, I watched LIV vs HUD--that's not why really, just sounds better than saying it was what was on channel four and the game I was...
  17. DavidDetroit

    Feedback on Tate and Lyle's syrup recipe, please.

    I made this syrup using the recipe below (from the Internet) and got syrup. It was good, I guess, but I have nothing to compare it to since I'm only familiar with actual maple syrup and fake maple syrup. I have no idea if it duplicates Tate and Lyle's which is what the recipe calls for. Does...
  18. DavidDetroit

    From Detroit, MI

    I live in the city of Detroit, ride a motorcycle when weather permits. Compared to some, I am an avid jogger. Compared to others, I am not. I am an extract/partial grain brewer. I brew four to six batches a year and I'm up to seventeen now. I take notes for every recipe. I enjoy short brew hours...
  19. DavidDetroit

    Hello from US

    This looks like a good site. I've brewed 8 batches and I'm 7/8 for good beer. I prefer extract brewing.