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  1. stephen1546

    Should you have a best before date on your beer

    Hello Had a few Stouts that i have had for about 8 months made from a kit. I had one yesterday and got gut rot soon after, followed by a few visits to the loo. I wondered if it could be the length of time it was in the bottle, hopefully it was just a coincidence Anyway, do you guys make...
  2. stephen1546

    How good is a Woodforde Wherry?

    Hi I've been brewing kits now for a couple of years. I finally got around to brewing the Woodforde Wherry after reading lots of positive reviews. Anyhoo, after only 1week of letting the bottles carbonate i gave a bottle a try. I have to say after 1 week it tasted really promising. Of all...
  3. stephen1546

    Fermentation Fridge

    Hello Been making beer and wine for nearly 2 years now and so far ive been pleased with my efforts, recently bought a fermentation fridge which i will use on my next batch. Would be good to hear feedback from those who use a fridge for temp control and to see if this has made your beer/wine...
  4. stephen1546

    Irish Sout - what is this fizz

    Hi Poured a irish stout and I often notice with my brews a fizz coming up from the bottom of the pint. Is it just the carbonation?.
  5. stephen1546

    Coopers Devil Half Ruby Porter - Hops

    Hi Looking for any suggestions on what hops to use for the coopers porter kit Thanks Stevie
  6. stephen1546

    Cold Crashing

    Hi After cold crashing is it best to get the brew back to room temperature before priming/bottling? Cheers Stevie
  7. stephen1546

    Dry hopped. Fermentation starting to rocket

    Added hops to my double IPA kit on Thursday when SG hovered about the 1008 mark for a couple of days. Checked it just now and it's now at 1004. Any ideas on how its now fermenting more vigorously? Thanks Stevie
  8. stephen1546

    Aldi - Home Brew Kit

    Hello Anybody tried these kits from Aldi s? . On offer for 15 quid down from 20. Cheers Stevie
  9. stephen1546

    Batch priming, do i stir?

    Hello Im ready to bottle my Evil Dog Double IPA ( 7.2abv), was going to batch prime for the first time using Tate & Lyle sugar. I was going to put in 120g then syphon beer into the 2nd fermenter. Do i stir the sugar when syphoning the beer? Thanks for any help. Cheers Stevie
  10. stephen1546

    Increasing ABV in 30 bottle wine kits

    Hi Ive tried a few Cellar 7 and Solomon Grundy 30 bottle wine kits, they taste decent enough but i struggle to reach the 12% and the wines comes out at around 10.5% Should i make less than 30 bottles , hopefully resulting in a higher ABV? or add more sugar or perhaps try different yeast...
  11. stephen1546

    Coopers Irish Stout

    Hi Ive seen a lot of threads on here regarding recipes for this kit, would like feedback if this recipe that i have tailored would work well. Im looking for a stout that comes out at around 4.5%. The tin 1 kilo of DME 200g black treacle 300g Demerara sugar Thanks in advance Stevie
  12. stephen1546

    Evil Dog Double IPA - Adding Hops

    Hello Just wondering if anybody has brewed this kit recently and if so, when did you add the hops and how did it taste once done, i like my beer quite hoppy. Cheers Stevie
  13. stephen1546

    Swing top bottles

    Have had a few misses using my beer capper, the wing capper. The odd bottle has not carbonated properly due to caps being crooked etc. Anyhow, bought a dozen Grolsch that have a swing top cap, rubber seal looks decent, My local homebrew shop have these bottles for 2 quid each however i prefer...
  14. stephen1546

    Mangrove Jack Roasted Stout kit

    Hi Im making this roasted stout kit, you have options to use either dextrose brewing sugar or malt enhancer, i opted for malt enhancer of which you put in 1.2kg. The instructions, which i know can be quite generic talks about putting in carb drops instead of priming sugar, i know that stouts...
  15. stephen1546

    Rookie Wine making mistake

    Hello I started a Solomon Grundy Pinot kit last night, my previous attempt was a success. I stupidly forgot to stir wine prior to adding the yeast. Should i stir it now?. Any help appreciated Stevie
  16. stephen1546

    Screw cap wine bottles

    Hello I recently bought 30 bottles for 30 bucks along with corker etc. Dont want to spend another 30 quid on more bottles, i was wondering how long wine can keep using screw top bottles?
  17. stephen1546

    Shop bought water for wine kit

    Hi I am on my 2nd wine kit, my first a Cellar 7 pinot worked out well. Ive read that buying cheap water out the shops improves your wine. Is this true?, and how does it improve your wine?