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    Cascade Single Hop AG

    Thanks for all the comments. Just setting off for a couple of days break so will have time to decide. Probably brew on Friday. Who knows, if I'm really lucky I might be able to sample some decent beers while I'm away! Cheers, KG
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    Cascade Single Hop AG

    First brew day in 3 months today! For various reasons I just haven't been able to get around to brewing over the summer until this week so am going to take advantage and try and get a couple in while I'm off work. Todays was a Cascade Single Hop recipe from the bible, and for the first time in...
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    Off flavoured Grainfather brews

    Sorry this reply is a bit late, not been on the forum for a while as I haven't been brewing over the summer.:sad: I had an issue with a couple of my Grainfather brews tasting off. Got lots of good advice here but I found the root cause of mine to be a build up of crud in the spring valve at...
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    Off Taste - Maybe cardboard, maybe chemically - Not Sure

    Just to update a bit on this thread. As mentioned I did a strip down on my grainfather and found that the spring in the ball valve was full of horrible looking and smelling gunk. Cleaned it all out, made sure it was sterile and did a brew last weekend, a Deuchars IPA clone. Took a gravity...
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    Do you need to sanitize?

    Plus 1 (million!) for this. My last two brews have become infected and I think I've tracked it down to the spring in the ball valve on my grainfather. I always clean it with grainfather cleaner after brewing but some hop or grain debris had got stuck in the spring and really gunked up. Stripped...
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    Off Taste - Maybe cardboard, maybe chemically - Not Sure

    Thanks for the replies. I've just finished examining the pump and the pump itself looks fine but when I took apart the ball valve there was a bit of a funny smell and when I looked at the spring there was something (couldn't tell what:sick::sick::sick: either hop or grain) wrapped around the...
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    Off Taste - Maybe cardboard, maybe chemically - Not Sure

    Cheers, Yeast was Mangrove Jacks Bohemian Lager for the Lager and US-05 for the bitter. Temperature will have fluctuated so I am just guessing to a certain extent but I think between 12 overnight and 16C during the day for the lager (I did it when I knew it would be cold outside - MJ say...
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    Off Taste - Maybe cardboard, maybe chemically - Not Sure

    Apologies in advance as this might get a bit long but bear with me. I have identified the same off taste in my last two beers. It is almost, but not quite, medicinal and almost but not quite cardboard. It isn’t overpowering and if I tried I could probably still drink the beer but it...
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    Brew No1 Not Going to Plan!

    Yes, just sprinkle the new yeast on top of the wort being carefull not to splash at all. Your beer should still be okay because you've had in under an airlock and it sounds like there has been some activity so there should be a layer of CO2 on top protecting it. I believe that the Wilkos Gervin...
  10. K

    Not as planned

    Thanks guys, Consensus seems to be heat then, think I was just fretting but it's good experience to understand the flavours you can get from different fermenting temps. KG
  11. K

    No more!!!!

    Come on, stop beating about the bush and tell us what you really think.:lol::lol: I do sympathise. I prefer bottles to kegs but am always wary when using my capper. I have a fair few of the plastic beer bottles you can get from Wilkos and love them. They look like beer bottles, I can tell if...
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    Not as planned

    I needed to get a brew done before my holidays last month so I did what was supposed to be a basic pale ale. 3.7k Pale malt, 230g crystal and a touch of black. Prime bittering hop was target (28g) and I whacked in 57g of East Kent Goldings for the last 10 minutes. Yeast was Safale S-04...
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    Your preferred glass?

    I've got 2 Double Diamond dimple pint glasses that were bought for me when I was in Budapest working. I was taken to a bar in the city where they had it on draft and it was a lovely pint! Unfortunatly I've had them now for about 15 years and the DD motif has worn off on both of them. Glasses...
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    When to bottle up using Nottingham yeast

    I've just finished bottling a batch of Timothy Taylor clone that used Nottingham. Brewed it last Saturday and it started at 1.046 and fermented out to 1.010. I've no temperature control so it was fermented at ambient temperature. Looks nicely clear and tasted great from the fermenter. Used...
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    You know Homebrewing is taking over your life when...

    The E-Type went a long time ago but I still like my gazpacho soup warm!
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    You know Homebrewing is taking over your life when...

    Last night I was having a nice dream about being on holiday somewhere nice and sunny abroad. Nothing wrong with that, nice dream.Just me, the wife and daughter. However then, SWMBO and DD went to do something and I noticed a flyer left in the room advertising a homebrew shop setting up a stall...
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    Electric Kettle Element Gasket

    Cheers guys, The silicon washers look just the thing. Only problem is it says they are not suitable for petrol, having tasted some of my beers I may need to be careful!:sick::sick::sick:
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    Electric Kettle Element Gasket

    Morning people. I've got a Pico plastic boiler that I got as part of a BIAB setup earlier this year. I've now got a Grainfather and put the Pico to use as a sparge water heater. However, the gasket for the kettle element has failed and I need a replacement. I've looked around the usual...
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    Anyone else had AG results between 'meh' and 'bleurgh'?

    It can be very subjective if you are doing a recipe without having tasted something similar before. I have a beer just coming into condition that I am finding quite bland. It's a Deuchars clone and the colour seems right but there doesn't seem to be as much flavour as I remember from the...
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    Recirculate wort will cause oxidization?

    When I brewed a few years ago I did have a brew or two that definately had the cardboard taste. I used a three tier system so transfering from the mash tun to the boil kettle did cause splashing but I'm not convinced at all that the off taste was down to HSA. It's more probable that I messed...