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  1. Thonbi

    [WANTED] Bottle washer + tree, capper, apple shredder, bottle box, wand - Wrexham or surrounding

    Hey. I'm looking to start bottling beers straight from my kegs (carbed) and cap in some used bottles. I'm looking for the below (as per title) in rasonable condition: Bottle washer Bottle tree Capper Apple Shredder Bottles boxes (to sitr ~60 330ml bottles in Also looking for old pub...
  2. Thonbi

    Equipment to pull/push line cleaner - pressured keg not an option

    Hey there. We've a 3 line setup in a fridge, and have 3 corny kegs already with beer in. I've got line cleaner and desperately need to clean the lines. What piece of equipment would make this easy to carry out?
  3. Thonbi

    WTB Scratter and/or 24l fruit press

    I can pickup around Lichfield, great looks are less important than functionality. Would also be open to paying a little to loan too, though would prefer not.
  4. Thonbi

    Will this be everything (apart from bottles and consumables) I need to brew?

    Came across this Brewzilla/Fermzilla/Partykeg kit on BKT - what else could I possibly need as an amateur brewer?
  5. Thonbi

    Beer dispensing - Help with attachments

    Hey all - is this even the right forum section? I'd like to connect my keykeg coupler to a ball lock. Problem is, I think the keykeg is 1/2" and the ball lock adaptor is 5/8". We *think* this is what we need, but at a tenner each, we'd maybe like to find some a bit more reasonably priced, if...
  6. Thonbi

    Looking for a kegerator setup

    After my FIL seeing mine, he wants the same. I bought mine as a kit from a guy I don't want to buy from again, and I'd also like flow control taps. I'd need: 19L ball-lock corny 9L ball-lock corny 2 x Intertap Flow Control Stainless Steel Faucet - with shank to barb 2 x liquid disconnects 2...