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  1. Stuart Wilson

    Taking advantage of cold weather

    Two batches of lager....czech pilsner and vienna lager. Using mangrove Jack's bohemian lager yeast (M84). Temp in back kitchen seems perfect.....both fermenting like fury for first 3 - 4 days but calming g down now. Plan to shift to garage (totally unheated) after 10 days and just leave there...
  2. Stuart Wilson

    Just bottled..

    Honey and apple cider. OG 1.07, FG 1.05 so 95% attenuation and 8.9% alcohol!
  3. Stuart Wilson

    Not beer but....

    First batch of cider bottled. OG of juice was 1.05 ... fermented right down to 1.00. Cider always does this....only fermentable sugars in apples. Got a second smaller batch which was souped up with 3lb of honey. OG 1.072!
  4. Stuart Wilson

    Another first...dry hopping

    DPale ale with citra hops.....done a similar brew before, but this time I tried dry hoping with more citra hops just as fermentation was slowing down. Great success....pleased!
  5. Stuart Wilson

    German dark beer

    First attempt at a slightly unusual style. 3kg bohemian pilsner malt, 2.5 kg marriss otter pale malt and 0.5 kg roasted malt. Helenbrau (?) Hops and lager yeast. OG 1.068, about 6.7% ABV. First taste tonight.....needs a bit longer to fully carbonate (only a week post bottling) but very pleased...
  6. Stuart Wilson


    I started my first attempt at a lager 10 days ago. This was my 6th whole grain brew....I've foundvthat my OG has been rising as I've refined my mashing / sparging method. For the lager I used 6 kg of bohemian pilsner malt, and a total of 100g Saaz hops. Wort was beautifully clear and had a...
  7. Stuart Wilson

    Beer Clarity

    I'm a beginner to this brewing game and a bit confused! Started by brewing apple and pear cider....very successful so decided to try whole grain brewing. My first attempt I had no real equipment and just tried to wing it with a grain bag, insulated cool box and as many big pans as I could...