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  1. Druss

    How long have you been brewing for?

    I started in my early teens, helping out when my dad made various wines and beers (as he did with my grandad when he was a lad, it's kind of a family tradition), started brewing my own in earnest when I was about 16, over a quarter of a century as a home brewer and I'm still learning as I go.
  2. Druss

    How to be happy in 2021 (despite everything)

    Definitely agree on the job front, I'm a cleaner with mild OCD so I love my job, I basically get paid to tidy up every day! I'm not too sure about number two though, even Mrs Druss occasionally remarks along the lines that I could well be an escaped gorilla doing a very passable human...
  3. Druss


    I thought he was very much onto something, the way he went about it before he had all the infinity stones was a bit rough, but he was essentially doing what he believed to be for the greater good and the end would have ultimately justified the means. Obviously I'm referring to the Thanos of the...
  4. Druss

    T.V comedies you never got into.

    The Office, I gave it so many chances but just couldn't get it, I do like Ricky Gervais but that programme was just weird.
  5. Druss

    What did you brew today?

    Brewed my second 'Abbey' ale today, I was going to do a simple wheat but having opened the first bottle of the previous batch on Friday and been somewhat blown away by how good it was, I had to get another batch on. It's a pretty simple one, Crisp Abbey malt (43%) and Crisp Light Munich malt...
  6. Druss

    My biggest regret.

    I think I regret about 75% of my life, but knowing that doing things differently would likely alter how things are here and now, I wouldn't change a thing.
  7. Druss

    Favourite TV comedies - 70/80’s

    Red Dwarf, Blackadder, The Young Ones, Bottom, Father Ted & The IT Crowd. The latter two being the only comedy shows that have actually had me in hysterics for many years.
  8. Druss

    What did you brew today?

    Using some stuff up today: 66% Maris Otter 17% light Munich 17% dark Munich Mashed at 65c for 45 minutes, boiled for 30 minutes Magnum @ 30 minutes Mosaic, Hallertau Mittelfruh and Huell Melon @ 10 minutes Total IBUs: 36 OG came in at 1042 I'm not usually one for naming my beers but with...
  9. Druss


    Many years ago Walkers brought out a cheese popcorn called 'Sundog' it was SO good, they discontinued it though.
  10. Druss

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    I'm probably going to get some stick for this but...Old Rosie cut with lemonade and double strength's actually really nice, tastes a bit like that Koppaberg garbage...the numerous ales I had beforehand certainly didn't lower my standards...
  11. Druss

    The Political Compass

    Hmm, I think this is rather generalised and inaccurate (well, of course it is, it's a multiple choice survey) but here's my result: Now, my political views are so right wing that they would make the outlook of Nazi Germany appear profoundly liberal, there wasn't much scope there...I dunno...
  12. Druss

    Is it just me or is this forum overly socialist

    You have my vote mein fuhrer! 👍:laugh8:
  13. Druss

    Is it just me or is this forum overly socialist

    I'm all in favour of a dictatorship, everybody knows where they stand then, we all 'do as we're told or else', it's a very honest form of government really.
  14. Druss

    Is it just me or is this forum overly socialist

    It's quite an interesting subject really, I think we all know how closely related socialism is to communism, but then, communism always was a red herring...
  15. Druss

    Is it just me or is this forum overly socialist

    I'm with you there, I quite often read the Mirror just to comment on certain stories and watch the bleeding heart liberals foam at the mouth, almost always over something completely innocuous :laugh8:
  16. Druss

    Is it just me or is this forum overly socialist

    An interesting appraisal, I'm assuming that you hold the concept of socialism in a negative light? Why is that? In this particular instance, the old adage of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' seems to apply quite aptly wouldn't you agree?
  17. Druss

    MOUNTAIN rescuers were called after a walker became stuck in snow on steep ground on a Lake District fell.

    Such a shame her phone died on her, she never had a chance to post 'OMG, totes stranded in this mountain wilderness, #somebodysaveme' on her snappychat :laugh8:
  18. Druss

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    Just tried my first bottle of summer breeze, it's probably a good sign that the usual muttering criticism of my standard brews was replaced with a distinct utterance of 'ooh, that's rather nice!' 👍
  19. Druss

    Has anyone else just had enough?

    To be honest, I've felt pretty much exactly like that all my life, I tend to just do what I can and hope the next day will be a better one. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't, it's easier said than done but focussing on things you can change for the better and doing your best to accept the...
  20. Druss

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    My dunkelweizen is finally ready for a taste test, not terribly impressive, I think it needs a bit more time in the bottles.