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  1. Druss

    Show us your cat

    There's a 'show us your dog' thread but, here's one for us cat people, I did a quick search and couldn't find one of these so I hope it's not a pale imitation... Here's my entry, her name is Lenore but she has a host of regularly changing nicknames, my personal favourite is 'Dr Pavel Lenorski PhD'.
  2. Druss

    When it comes to mead, is there such a thing as 'too simple'?

    There seems to be a lot of stigma in the brewing community over 'rushing' mead. I've been a home brewer for about 25 years, an avid mead brewer for the last six or so years, I pretty much stumbled upon this approach a few years back after several mediocre attempts using the traditional process...
  3. Druss

    Breadmaker ... DMAKER.htm I know a few people on here use breadmakers, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this one? I'm looking at getting one next week but can't seem to find any reviews (besides the ones on the Argos website). I know I may well be...
  4. Druss

    Gruit Ale

    After much consideration on the subject I decided to give it a go. 500g of dark Spraymalt, water to a gallon and a gram and a half of ale yeast per DJ. Simple as that, probably too good to be true though :?
  5. Druss

    Sage ale

    After doing a lot of reading up on 'gruit' ales, and not being patient enough for my Coopers Dark Ale kit to arrive, I started some sage ale in the meantime using this recipe: Water to one gallon 453g malt extract 453g brown sugar 1 Oz fresh sage 1/2 Oz licorice root Yeast Hopefully this...
  6. Druss

    Naming your brewery/winery etc?

    I've seen a few examples around here of people naming their brewing ventures i.e. 'Effinbrewery' (Aleman) & 'The House of Badger' (Narmour), I just wondered if this is a really common thing to do? I'm struggling to come up with an interesting name, so far I have 'Bob's Brewhouse' (Bob being my...
  7. Druss

    Best yeast for brewing an ale?

    Is an all purpose yeast okay (I have Vinclasse Dried Active yeast) or would an actual ale yeast be significantly better?
  8. Druss

    Can I actually do this?

    I'm a complete novice to brewing beer, having been exclusively into wine brewing on and off for years, so I have no idea if this is a good idea or even possible. I'm intending to buy a real ale kit and I already have a lot of brewing equipment but nothing specific to beer brewing (no 25 litre fv...
  9. Druss

    Question on bottling wine

    I was bottling my latest batch last night (mango WOW) and was wondering if there is an easier way than syphoning from the demijohn and trying to avoid picking up what sediment is left in there. Would there be any draw back to syphoning direct to another dj to ensure no sediment is present, then...
  10. Druss

    Mead too sweet

    Hi everyone, I have a gallon of mead that seems to be coming to the end of its fermentation (hardly any bubbling at all from the airlock, maybe one every ten minutes or so) but when I took a SG reading, it was 1070. I didn't get an OG (made it before buying a hydrometer) but according to my...
  11. Druss

    ABV from FG only?

    Is it possible to work this out? I forgot to take the SG when I started my latest batch (tea wine) and I don't want to mess it up now as its bubbling away nicely, but is there any way I can figure out the ABV from the final gravity reading alone? I know this is probably a classic noob mistake...
  12. Druss


    Does anyone here have a simple recipe for brewing sake (Japanese rice wine), I have found a couple of (incredibly complex) recipes on the net but I'm hoping for a bog standard, step by step version. Many thanks. :cheers: .
  13. Druss

    Flavoured kilju?

    I was thinking about following a basic 'kilju' recipe but using super wine yeast compound, then adding a food flavouring (the home baking type) such as mint or vanilla to make a (high-ish percentage) schnapps style wine. Has anyone tried this? Will it work? Will it end in (tbh what I am...
  14. Druss

    Vimto wine problems

    Hi all, I put together a batch of 'Vimto' wine last night using this recipe: "Add 500g white table sugar to 1 litre vimto in a pot & boil for 15 - 20 mins to remove any preservatives, remove any scum that forms Cool the vimto/sugar mix down to room temp. Add to a demijohn and top up with...
  15. Druss

    Tea wine

    Hi everyone, I'm going to brew a tea wine based on one of the many recipes I've found around the net. I'm not too sure about what tea is best, I've heard lots of people use several teas but I would like to use Earl Grey, Lady Grey and Sunshine Grey (all Twinings). I've never made tea wine...
  16. Druss

    Hi :)

    I've been brewing wine on and off for years, started as a family thing (my dad, grandad, going back for quite some generations as far as I know were into homebrewing wine and beers) but I'm more into the wine side of it. I've only now got all the relevant kit and I'm beginning to brew in...