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    Bure Gold

    Hi there, is it normal for woodfordes Bure Golg to stop fermenting after 2 to 3 days, gravity reading is 1.016. I've used the 2 sachets of yeast that came with the kit?? What to do please. Temperature is at a constant 21oc
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    Stuck fermentation

    Hi all, I made a Muntons Connisuer IPA Bitter this Monday night 10/12/ 2019, SG 1.044, I followed the kit to the letter except for adding Muntons Gold Active Brewing Yeast 6grm and added 1kg of Muntons beer enhancer as recommended per instructions. I got a good reaction after 24-36 hours as...
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    Father Hooks Festival Ales

    Anyone brewed this kit before, 12 days in primary, 3 weeks secondary, king keg(room temperature) 1week chilled up until today, fully pressurised, tastes really nice as did 1 month ago, still not cleared out,, bit frustrating, its a 40 pint kit,????? Any advise please
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    Copper finning tablet

    I'm not sure when to add half a tablet of copper finning to a 40pint kit, is it when I boil the wart or when I add the cold water. Any one know as I want to add at the write time for my next brew please????
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    Irish Moss

    Hi folks i have bought some protafloc tablets and I'm not sure when to add to the wort for my next brew. Also I've pressure kegged Festival Ales Father Hooks Bitter for 3 weeks at 21oc (secondary) and today put the keg in the cool to cool down to clear it. At room temperature it was not to...
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    Woodfordes Nog

    Hi there, I'm bottling my Woodfordes Nog this Sunday, it's been I primary for 10 days and finished fermentation, and was wondering how much spray malt to use, any ideas please everyone