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  1. Manxnorton

    Bri's Water Treatment 2021. (going to be messy! my 🧠is slow!)

    Hi all. been a few years since wor Steve and you lads n lasses, coached me through the epic task of understanding water treatment. For all i continue in every brew day with the basics from steves thread (AMS,gypsum, PPM etc. etc.) I feel to up my game, 'My own to go to' method, i'll print it out...
  2. Manxnorton

    Bri's Brewdays n stuff 2021

    hi all, was itching to get going. so heres a few pics.. sorting grains, hops & cleaning and sanitizing. Think this enough for now lol dont want to milked it... Heres video in it. hope is done ik. reet best get my grains ordered coz i forgot last week. ALB Bri
  3. Manxnorton

    Cream Porcelain Pull hand Pull Real Ale Pump's (Hunting Scene) Help Please

    Hi all, Back on the radar again, Grim Reaper had a shot at me again, but you know me....he got told to get knotted LOLthumb. Anyhoo, as you know my brain isnt tood so maybe anyone can shed some light on my two hand pumps. and no good at being a detective or interweb goings on lol. I was going to...
  4. Manxnorton

    Lockdown......Bri's bit n Bobs Brewing.

    Hi guys n girls, I'll not sprout on how i'm doing...…………..if i'm typing this i'm ok for now lol! Sorry be mostly Vids from the time I brewed I was fragged for a day or two lol. so if your interested i'll give a playlist. Still crap at making them lol...still do stupid mistakes...but...
  5. Manxnorton

    Bri's Sous Vide-GrainFather

    Hi all, Took my tiny battered brain to get to use the GF, but today is D-Day. Ive Put all my cooking on my YouTube channel as the brewing. So if anyone wants to view them, maybe subscribe, like share and that good whatsitchops i'd be really stoked as they down under. Looking farward to...
  6. Manxnorton

    Grainfather small pipe work experiments.

    Hi all, been a very long time since I experimented...well that's a lye got a 15L batches in a cube from yesterday brew day (brewdays 2 days on the trot!) Anyways, 2 x 10L batches are: 1. Punk IPA clone 2. 5AM Saint clone. All from the Brewdog recipe. But as you know I always tweak or change...
  7. Manxnorton

    Brewday from Hell! Ammarillo & Citra Pale ale.

    Sorry guys, I was all up for putting pics up and a novel. But as the title says....i'm ball bagged TBH. The Brew day is on my youtube channel. now going to lye down lol. My channel. Bri
  8. Manxnorton

    Like a Centurion Ghost Ale-But i bet i change it!

    Hallow everyone, It was last April last year that I my good arm n tried to type my waffle! As the title suggest, I've already changed the recipe over n over. For now the recipe (pointless stating weights etc coz you know me!!) Pale Malt, Maris Otter Caramel / Crystal 90L Roasted Barley...
  9. Manxnorton

    Corona lager-First time making a AG YouTube vidio thingy-help please.

    Hallow all, About time I made a YouTube video for my channel. As you know i'm thick as mince (sometimes, and my brain doesn't see the obvious) Making one taking pics and short vids and NOT LEAVING THINGS OUT! or a mistake. As you know i'l be viewed from start the finish, know what I mean. All...
  10. Manxnorton

    NE IPA – Jon Finch Recipe...with a bit of Brians touch!

    Hi all, I've been using Malt miller since 2013, but never ventured on one of them kits. Untill now. As most know I don't follow exact to the recipe..... Especially the dry hopping, to me 4 days or 5 at the latest is where I'm comfortable at. Anyways, getting the kit in the hours, so be nice to...
  11. Manxnorton

    CO2 regulator gas fitting broken, help please.

    Hi guys n girls, Bit of a fettle today, not sure to fix things as my brain isn't too good with the weather change!lol. Anyways, not to confuse or woffle. manage to get a brew in the corni, put 30psi in. As you may know the reg doesn't work properly. The bloody gas fitting from reg snapped. As I...
  12. Manxnorton

    recommend a Co2 regialator, please.

    Hi all, Took me ages to finally get my co2 tank filled, and I thought it be easy from then on! No chance, always something to fix or buy. Anyways, found my regulator not functioning (like me!). TBH it was a PITA anyways, and now as you can see with a full tank, visually it crap. So i need to...
  13. Manxnorton

    Kris n Bri's Brewday...

    Hollow all, been under the grid (both of us) for sometime. so we thought boot time we get our arses into gear n make some beer. It'll be on Thursday morn. so ive ordered a hefty 7.61kg of grains, n 388g of hots in total. looking at the Pulp IPA clone. I'm not happy we the IBU's, a massive...
  14. Manxnorton

    Bri's Keezer i wont forget what parts it has!!!

    Hello all, years ago I made a thread of the bits n bobs sizes etc of all lines, connects etc....then Photobucket lost the pics.. anyways my keezer is nearly done, just needs re painted. so as you know my brain retention isn't too good lol, so thought a WIP of sorts for my future builds so I...
  15. Manxnorton

    Bri’s GF Connect Brewdays! :-)

    morning all, Sleepless nights I tell you! Not as worse than when I was deciding to get a Gf before! They keep saying a lot of money to fork out!! Hoping within the week I’ll be able to get the new connect, recipe, order supplies and crack on. It is what it is...need a system. @BeardedMag...
  16. Manxnorton

    Kegerator-Corni-beer,gas fittings help AGAIN!

    Hi all, here we go once again! ive built one and now my memory has evaded me again. theres some things I know, some ive please be gentle lol. just to put you in the picture this the donor kegerator thingy. and thinking a two tap tower in the middle or just offset (TBC) two 19l...
  17. Manxnorton

    WANTED: Grainfather (not connect) North East area

    hi all, after the old GF (not the first version) picking up from Newcastle, north east area. thank you Bri
  18. Manxnorton


    Hi all, after the years battling to get my head around kegerator etc. after selling my kit I thought I might look at a non DIY version... this is what i'm looking at MJ KEGERATOR the three tap one...why not lol. any reviews or issues ill be appreciate it.. thx Bri
  19. Manxnorton

    Fursty Ferret-type of clone thingy :-)

    hallow all, just finished the second brew day until I hand back the GF n stuff back @BeardedMag thax again bruv. the brew was going to be a bit Brian seat of ya pants affair...had the recipe done..grains hops n all that done..then changed my mind on loads if thing!!! stepped mash...only coz I...
  20. Manxnorton

    Bri's 2018 brewing attemps :-)

    Hallo all, back from illness..(again) thought could aply call the next brew F8*% off Grim Reaper.. but i'll bea have my sel lol. cut a long story short all my brewing kit was passed over to my pal, and I'm starting off fresh. one of I fancy to make is my version of the Badger Fursty Ferret...