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  1. Aaron Rennie

    Yearly Brew Schedule

    I am just about to have a ‘work enforced’ dry spell, because of being in an environment where alcohol isn’t allowed in place of being told I’m not allowed to drink. This made me think about my brewing schedule, something I have never thought about before as I tend to only think about one brew...
  2. Aaron Rennie

    GIVEAWAY #2 - Black IPA

    The excitement got to me and I decided to brew the black IPA this weekend (helped by rapid delivery of the hops and subsequent grain order).
  3. Aaron Rennie

    Who can brew beer at home

    So, I have a bit of a random question that I think I already know the answer to. Are there certain people whom it it acceptable to brew beer at home? context to this question is that I am professionally qualified and work in operating theatres, I’m also a service regular Officer in the British...
  4. Aaron Rennie

    Little beer helper

    I try to not brew when my girls are up or about. Firstly, I don’t want to take time away from them and secondly they always want to help, and I have trouble keeping everything sterile by myself. Well, with the emergency Christmas beers and wine needed a little help came. I explained about wine...
  5. Aaron Rennie

    Over Carb

    I’ve only gone and got my calculations wrong, a stout that is as carbed as a lambic. Can I do anything other than accept a fizzy stout? It’s planned for Xmas but thought I would give it a try early? Might have to make another batch for Xmas.
  6. Aaron Rennie

    Wilko Pilsner kit

    I have just started getting my kit ready to brew a wilko Pilsner and suprised to see it recommends fermentation temperature of 18-22. This seems a little high for me, is this a typo or have they just supplied ale yeast? I'm thinking of keeping the temp between larger temp 8-12 but will be easily...
  7. Aaron Rennie

    Newbie First Brew day

    So tomorrow I've planned a brew day with a newbie, but wanted to move on from extract so planned a mini Mash. Brewing a 10l Black IPA, wish us luck. Any advice you'd have given yourself before your first brew which requires a boil?
  8. Aaron Rennie

    Things I've learned after my third Home Brew

    So tonight was the night I kegged my Wilko IPA and brewed a triple Hopped IPA kit (with dry malt instead of sugar and needs dry hopping in a few days), and there were a few things I've learned: 1, Screw bottles can not be capped. They break. FULL STOP. Stop being cheap and buy some bottles...
  9. Aaron Rennie

    Heating my Fridge.

    I've just picked up a second hand fridge on gumtree, costing the 10miles of fuel I'll need for the round trip to collect. Just need the heating and control unit. What are people's thoughts on belt vs pad? Initial feelings are for a pad