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  1. Harry Bloomfield

    iSpindel - low cost data logging/display gadget

    This one - Repetidor iSpindel con Display Oled - (in Spanish, use Google translate) Is anyone else using one please? It's like the iSpindel Opensource, runs on adapted Brewpiless firmware. It powers via USB C, includes a display of all of the iSpindles instantaneous data and acts as a repeater...
  2. Harry Bloomfield

    Vaseline in fermenting

    Much of my wine making kit, I bought as a second hand package from someone who was having to give the hobby up to move into a old peoples home. Included with the kit was a pot of Vaseline and I'm now wondering if that might have had some purpose in the hobby? I have slight trouble with a FV tap...
  3. Harry Bloomfield

    Wine racking thoughts

    I have just finished another 5 gallons of white wine and I'm in the middle of racking/bottling. When I get down the the bottom gallon or so, getting the final few bottles out, becomes a bit of a problem to not disturb the sediment at the base of the 5 gallon container. I'm doing it slightly...
  4. Harry Bloomfield

    Delayed fermentation start - wine.

    On Monday evening, I started my third Wilko kit - a Wilko Medium Red 30 bottle kit. The previous two being the white versions, both of which turned out OK. All have carefully temperature controlled at 22C and all have been rather slower than I would expect to begin fermenting. The instructions...
  5. Harry Bloomfield

    ChemSan - any good for the C Virus

    As per title, anyone know if it might be any use against the Corona Virus?
  6. Harry Bloomfield

    Wine - How long can be left before bottling?

    My late Novemeber 2019 5 gallon of Wilko white wine has been rather better appreciated/ enjoyed by friends and family than I anticipated, so now I have just put on another batch of the same, but with what I had left of the first batch in bottles and a pressing need in a few weeks to bottle batch...
  7. Harry Bloomfield

    Storing empty bottles

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice in regards to how to process beer and wine bottles once emptied? At the moment, I'm giving them a thorough rinse out, then leaving them to dry before refitting the screw caps. The Coopers pet bottles dry out fairly quickly, but the glass wine bottle...
  8. Harry Bloomfield

    My first brew in 25 years..

    Wilko Velvet Stout. I have not made any wine or beer of any sort for 25 years. A few short weeks ago, I got it into my head to have another go and looked for a bargain second hand kit to buy, which I found and had bought the same evening, complete with a Wilko Italian white kit for 30 bottles...
  9. Harry Bloomfield

    Fermentation pauses?

    I'm paying much more attention to the process, as this is the first return to wine and brewing in 25 years. I noticed my wine 5 gall. seemed to take a rest in its fermentation mid process, then today my stout did exactly the same - as indicated by the airlock. Both have/are carefully temperature...
  10. Harry Bloomfield

    Wine racked and stout started

    Both Wilko kits. The wine was supposed end its fermentation in 7 days, it actually took 10 days, until Friday last, using carefully controlled 22C. On Friday I decided it had slowed down so I checked the SG and decided it was done. On Friday I added the stabiliser, finings and moved it out to...
  11. Harry Bloomfield

    Why the obsession with sterilizing?

    There is something which is puzzling me... In the dim and distant past, before water treatment, often water was unfit/unsafe to drink, so beer was drunk instead. As I understood it, the brewing process made the water fit and safe to drink - or have I got that wrong? As a youth, I remember...
  12. Harry Bloomfield


    I have a couple of hydrometers, but I'm wondering if taking SG values might be much easier with a cheap refractometer? What are pros and cons?
  13. Harry Bloomfield

    Temperature control

    Thinking to in the future move my wine and brewing activities out to my unheated garage, hut or summerhouse, I bought a plug temperature controller, this one.... Marvellous little gadget - it can control heating or cooling very precisely, but not both at...
  14. Harry Bloomfield

    Degassing via vacuum

    I'm still waiting for my first batch of white wine to complete its fermentation. Started seven days ago today and I have been looking at methods to degas. Generating a vacuum in the FV seems the most effective method to my mind, so I'm looking at possible ways to create a vacuum. General...
  15. Harry Bloomfield

    Cleaning question

    I'm confused by the mentions of Oxy... There are several different varieties of OxyClean, for different purposes - which version is the one to use for equipment cleaning purposes? One thread mentions Wilko's Oxi Plus, which seems to be a laundry cleaner - is that one OK for equipment cleaning...
  16. Harry Bloomfield

    How long can wine and various beers be kept?

    I have just restarted wine making, 25 years since I last was involved and intend doing a batch of stout in the coming weeks, but how long can the various homemade's be kept for? I have somewhere cool-ish most of the year to store my bottles and I will only be using kits. The wine will be in...