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  1. Cwrw666


    Same in the UK. It's so you can see the tw*t who's about to mow you down and possibly jump out of the way.
  2. Cwrw666

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    No explanation as although we've had a lot of sun we've also had a lot of frosts which I thought the hops wouldn't like. Mind you our apple trees are starting to bloom and they don't seem to have been affected by the frosts either.
  3. Cwrw666

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Mine are doing ok though the prima donna and the redsels eastwell are a bit sluggish. The cascade is a beast as usual.
  4. Cwrw666


    I don't think the move to the right is the problem, it's electing a lawyer tosspot into the leadership role. Starma is no Tony Blair (who was pretty good until Iraq)
  5. Cwrw666

    Pros & cons between 30 & 50l allinone?

    Haven't got an all in one but I have a 30L boiler for BIAB in which I do 20L brews. Soon to be upgrading to a 50L boiler so I can do double brews. As others have said - same amount of work for double the beer. (Just don't do a bad batch!) As to doing 10L brews - just go stove-top for that small...
  6. Cwrw666

    Is this better than tap water?

    Probably good for stout though.
  7. Cwrw666

    Is this better than tap water?

    Chase spring is very different to Ashbeck. I find it's good for darker beers and stouts. Never tried it for pales though as my tapwater is perfect for pale ales/pilsner.
  8. Cwrw666

    Cwrw666's 2021 brewdays

    No, I'm not that much of a masochist. The Durden Park book recommends you make your own amber malt. Not sure if that's because it's different to commercial stuff or because it was simply harder to get back in the seventies when the book was published. It's easy to make however and smells lovely...
  9. Cwrw666

    Cwrw666's 2021 brewdays

    Brewing today: 1823 Cobb & Co AMBER SMALL BEER From the Durden Park book. GRAINS: 5.5 Lb Pale malt (actually Hook Head Pilsner malt), 2.5 Lb Amber malt (home made) HOPS: 40g Fuggles (80m) 40g Fuggles (30m) 20g Fuggles (0m) Protofloc as normal. The flameout addition is my own idea to...
  10. Cwrw666

    Can I bottle from a pressure barrel?

    I think most of us think 2 weeks is a good time as it lets fermentation finish and the beer begins clearing so less sediment in bottles. But another week shouldn't hurt. BTW if your pressure barrel has lost pressure you can bottle straight from it but you'll need to prime the bottles.
  11. Cwrw666

    Watering down beer

    Yes, but that's at the start. Certainly by bottling stage if you get oxygen in your beer you'll ruin it.
  12. Cwrw666

    Watering down beer

    I would think so, also to sterilise it. I believe breweries have special equipment to de-oxygenate water when doing this.
  13. Cwrw666

    Loss of Ale

    4.5 litres is a whole gallon - that's about 4 inches in a normal fermenting bin! That's a heck of a lot to go astray. I usually lose about 200ml of beer plus the yeast cake and that's all. I bottle from the tap and when the beer gets down to tap level I tip the FV onto it's edge jacked up with a...
  14. Cwrw666

    This’ll make you smile

    Very Clever. I brew outside, ferment upstairs in the airing cupboard, bottle downstairs in the kitchen. That would be a hell of a lot of crank winding. So I just brew 4 gallons instead of 5.
  15. Cwrw666

    To prune or not to prune?

    I made prune juice wine once - went straight down the drain. Absolutely foul. Possibly even worse than the turnip wine I once made. Makes you realise that once you remove the sugars from some things we eat, what's left is not very nice at all...
  16. Cwrw666

    What do we think about the whole independence thing in general?

    It's a simple numbers thing. Vast majority of Westminster MPs are from England, therefore Any descision made by parliament is effectively made by England. Personally I'd be happy with a fully federated union where each of the national assemblies would have the same powers (which would cover most...
  17. Cwrw666

    What do we think about the whole independence thing in general?

    Wales current population is 3.15m, so bigger than: Albania 2.8 Lithuania 2.7 North Macedonia 2 Slovenia 2 Latvia 1.8 Estonia 1.3 Then Montenegro, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Andora, Faroes, Monaco, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Gibralter all have less than 1 million...
  18. Cwrw666

    Has anyone been brewing a SMaSH

    Quite often brew a SMASH. Usually the Pattinson recipe for 1864 Lovibond XB pale ale which is just pale malt and Goldings. Currently drinking Greg Hughes Czech Pilsner - pilsner malt plus saaz hops. Both these are great beers.
  19. Cwrw666

    Forum T-Shirt.

    One for me too.
  20. Cwrw666

    Social media boycott

    I use Facebook. All my facebook friends are actual friends plus a few relatives so I don't see any of this stuff. Fact is, all these football stars are using their social media accounts for self promotion rather than what they are designed for. BTW several of my friends have totally anonymous...