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  1. stuarts

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    I am drinking John Finch House Pale Ale , a lovely pint
  2. stuarts

    Klarstein 25lt Maischfest for sale on ebay

    265153077768 A Klarstein Maischfest 25lt is for sale on ebay £120 including postage might interest someone starting out the above number is the item no
  3. stuarts

    Wanted Tapcooler

    I am about to buy a tapcooler wondering if anyone has one they want to sell .
  4. stuarts

    Bottle Filler

    Having looked again at the tapcooler last night it actually works out the same price as the itap when you add on what i would need to use with my kegerator. Think i may go either a cheap beer gun or a cheap counter pressure filler in the future .
  5. stuarts

    Bottle Filler

    Yes looks very good but yes expensive. If i do go for one I think because i only do bottles for family and friends it will be the tapcooler . It looks good from the ease of setup and cleaning ,though dont like that to make it work for me i would need addons in other words its not a complete kit.
  6. stuarts

    Bottle Filler

    Thanks guys for the replies . I intend to keg most from now on so will carry on bottling from the tap as most bittles are drunk fairly soon after being bottled Having look at the various options some seem a bit of work ie setting up and cleaning for a few bottles. The tapcooler looks the best...
  7. stuarts

    Bottle Filler

    Looking to see what are the thoughts on bottle fillers . At present i either bottle from FV with drops or i just fill bottles from my tap , which is easier but obviously they do not keep. So which is the best value bottle filler and easiest to use and clean ? 1 Cheap Aliexpress Blichmann copy 2...
  8. stuarts

    Grainfather spares

    Gumtree has a Grainfather for sale at £60 it has no counter chiller and its element is burnt out .Just search for Grainfather its in Bath may be of use to someone . It has original controller and all there parts working .
  9. stuarts

    Hey, from Glasgow, Scotland

    Exactly what I said . At present I have 4 different 5 gallon brews on the go .Amazing how many people want their empties refilled
  10. stuarts

    Hey, from Glasgow, Scotland

  11. stuarts

    CO2 in Central Scotland

    Hi Mine was £65 Deposit and £30 refill
  12. stuarts

    CO2 in Central Scotland

    Thats good deal compared to Russells now the restrictions are getting lifted i might use them when my gas runs out. Though if restrictions come back it may be Russells
  13. stuarts

    Kegarator Wanted.

    I would recommend Brewkegtap just check the fridge will take 2 wider kegs . I started with the 1 keg setup in my garage in the winter no need for a fridge . Then found a fridge on Gumtree the Kegerator is very simple to do and I am a complete DIY idiot . Though when i bought my 2nd keg my...
  14. stuarts


    Inwas just wondering do the malt pioe silicone seals need replaced afetr a while
  15. stuarts


    The one with the rubbee end
  16. stuarts


    Thanks, trying to track down a false bottom for the thr Grainfather none in stock anywhere
  17. stuarts


    Hi I have beein brewing with a Grainfather pre connect version I managed to get hold of cheap. It has been very good apart from grain and hops blocking the filter . I now put the hops in hop socks and it still manages to get grain blocking the filter . Most of my kits are from Malt Miller. I...
  18. stuarts

    Hello from Coatbridge

    Welcome to forum . Great place for advice and info
  19. stuarts

    Hello from Stirlingshire

    Welcome Quite a few brewers in the area now Stuart
  20. stuarts

    Freezer or Fridge

    I managed to get a very good condition fridge that i have been using as a Fermentation Chamber with an inkbird and heater . I was going to use it as a kegerator when not brewing. I have now managed to get a under counter freezer in ok condition that i was going to use as a fermentation chamber...