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  1. stuarts

    Klarstein 25lt Maischfest for sale on ebay

    265153077768 A Klarstein Maischfest 25lt is for sale on ebay £120 including postage might interest someone starting out the above number is the item no
  2. stuarts

    Wanted Tapcooler

    I am about to buy a tapcooler wondering if anyone has one they want to sell .
  3. stuarts

    Bottle Filler

    Looking to see what are the thoughts on bottle fillers . At present i either bottle from FV with drops or i just fill bottles from my tap , which is easier but obviously they do not keep. So which is the best value bottle filler and easiest to use and clean ? 1 Cheap Aliexpress Blichmann copy 2...
  4. stuarts

    Grainfather spares

    Gumtree has a Grainfather for sale at £60 it has no counter chiller and its element is burnt out .Just search for Grainfather its in Bath may be of use to someone . It has original controller and all there parts working .
  5. stuarts


    Hi I have beein brewing with a Grainfather pre connect version I managed to get hold of cheap. It has been very good apart from grain and hops blocking the filter . I now put the hops in hop socks and it still manages to get grain blocking the filter . Most of my kits are from Malt Miller. I...
  6. stuarts

    Freezer or Fridge

    I managed to get a very good condition fridge that i have been using as a Fermentation Chamber with an inkbird and heater . I was going to use it as a kegerator when not brewing. I have now managed to get a under counter freezer in ok condition that i was going to use as a fermentation chamber...
  7. stuarts

    Beer Tap

    Looking for a Intertap Flowcontrol Tap or similiar
  8. stuarts

    Kegerator or Ferm Chamber

    I was toying with the idea of using a jockey box . I have a Fermentation Chamber fridge so was thinking does anyone use one as both kegerator and Fermention chamber. My way of thinking i generally only drink on a Fri and Sat so can take out my kegs Sunday to Thursday start my fermentaton on...
  9. stuarts

    Jockey Box

    I was toying with the idea of using a Jockey Box to cool my beer . I already have a fermenting fridge but it seems to always have a brew in it as i ferment and brew in the Garage . My Missus has said no more fridges in the garage as we already have a fridge freezer there too. I as was wondering...
  10. stuarts

    Pulcino Rover 10

    I bought a job lot grainfather etc but part of it was the pulcino which i think is a wine filter its of no use to me bjt i am wondering is it worth selling it
  11. stuarts

    Hop Dates

    I have been given vaccum packed hops that are dated end of 2019 . Can they still be used
  12. stuarts

    Cloudy Wort

    I have done 3 brews on my Klarstein Maischfest and all 3 are very cloudy after mashing. Heres what i am doing Heat to strike temp stir in grains making sure no dough balls check temp leave for 15 mins . Then recirculate by jugging up about 1ltr every now and again probably about 8 times through...
  13. stuarts

    Co2 Stirling Area

    Just looking for a CO2 supplier in the Stirling area . Checked the forum and just wondering is Russells Gas still the best place to get it?
  14. stuarts

    Wanted Mini kegs and Tap

    Hi Just ordered a Klarstein Maischfest intend to start brewing between xmas and New Year . When i last brewed a few years ago i hated bottling . So was hoping to go down the corny route in the future when money allows. Though i also fancy the mini kegs has anyone any spare kegs and tap they...
  15. stuarts

    Returning Homebrewer

    Returning to home brewing after years away from it . A friend has just got into biab brewing and after tasting his Saisons Ale i am smitten again but the unfortunate thing is no equipment left . So here lurking and trying to decide what i need and what i want .
  16. stuarts

    which Red wine kit

    Hi I have made a few white wine kits now all have been pretty good . I would like to make a red wine kit and was wondering which kit to try for my first time. A friend tried a cantina red kit though I thought it was quite bland and watery . I like a ab full bodied red either australian or...
  17. stuarts


    Hi I have just start home brewing wine thought I would just introduce myself . Stuart