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  1. Cowman

    Brewzilla pump failiure

    Whilst heating up my strike water this morning, the pump on my brewzilla suddenly decided to stop moving water. It isn't blocked and I've looked at the wiring and the pump and nothing is hot or rusted/corroded. It was running and stopped pulling but the pump was turning. Now whenever I try to...
  2. Cowman

    Competition schedule 2021

    Here's the new schedule for the new year. same as last year unless there's any objections. Who's judging? January 2021 - American Pale Ales - @phildo79 February 2021 - Dark Beers - @xozzx March 2021 - Freestyle - @pilgrimhudd April 2021- lager/kolsch/pseudo lager to include European and...
  3. Cowman

    December comp- British pale ales, bitters and milds

    Well here we are finally at the end of a rather poor year but things are looking up with the December competition. PM me if you'd like to enter. Cheers all cowman
  4. Cowman

    First NEIPA

    Morning all. I'm after some thoughts on the design of my first neipa. I can't store many varieties of hops so I can only use what I've got: galaxy, rakau and pacific gem. Only a 5l batch for my first try. Any alterations or changes? Cheers
  5. Cowman

    Cowman's brewday

    I'm planning on brewing more often this year so I've decided to make my own thread. I do BIAB and batch sparge. Brew #16 Strong bitter 5.3% 8l batch. Target og 1.052. Target fg 1.012. IBU 38 Malt Maris otter 1.5kg Dark crystal malt 200g Munich malt 120g Brown malt 100g Wheat malt 80g Hops...
  6. Cowman

    Wlp007 gone bad?

    Evening all and a belated merry Christmas. Ive recently gone into liquid yeast and used some WLP 004 Irish ale yeast to do 4 small batches at once but there was fermenting problems ending with it going vinegary. .Now...
  7. Cowman

    Fermenting and oxidisation

    Evening all. 12 days ago I brewed 4, 1 gallon batches and fermented with WLP 004 Irish ale yeast and made a starter that morning. I measured the gravity at 10 days, 1 had reached its fg and the others were up to 11 points off and throughout I haven't seen any krausen form whatsoever and the...
  8. Cowman

    3 beer engines for sale

    Morning all. I've got an Angram and 2 Homark beer engines for sale that I bought off eBay as a job lot of 5. I'm told they came out of a pub that was being done up. I've washed all of them and soaked them overnight in Milton's then pumped them through with water. I don't know much about beer...
  9. Cowman

    Beer planning

    So I've just finished planning my next 7 brews( only 1 gallon brews because there all being bottled) and ordered my stuff from malt miller in much bigger quantities than I need. Also adding a few new toys to play with of course. It works out at about £1 per pint! And for better quality than the...
  10. Cowman

    Young's bitter

    Evening all Does anyone know of a decent recipe for young's bitter? Cheers in advance