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  1. Pavros

    NBS West Coast Style Ale Yeast

    As I was running short of homebrew, I threw a Wilko Triple Hop IPA kit on but used a 12g pack of Neale's NBS West Coast Style Ale dry yeast from the Malt Miller. Has any one used this yeast before? From reading the 3 reviews on MM site, it gets the gravity down pretty low. My pack was best...
  2. Pavros

    Crystal malt substitution

    I have some crystal 30 ebc which needs using up. If a recipe needs crystal 60 (for example), can I just use twice the quantity of crystal 30 or doesn't it work like that?
  3. Pavros

    Grain Storage

    I have started AG and am now looking to buy in bulk rather than AG kits or for a couple of brews at a time. I have read that 1kg of grain takes up the equivalent of 2litres space, so 2 old fermenters could be used to store 25kg of grain (obviously rebagged and sealed). I have 2 old fermenters...
  4. Pavros

    MJ M44 US West Coast Yeast

    I have just bottled a Bulldog Four Finger Jack American Pale kit which I brewed using Mangrove Jack's M44 US West Coast yeast as the kit was a couple of months out of date. The OG was 1.050 and it finished at 1.002 which is an incredible attenuation of over 90%. Am I calculating the...
  5. Pavros

    New Member

    Hi all. Just joined this forum but have been a lurker for a while. I'm not a new to brewing as I've done about 60 kits (both straight and modified) but have just bought an Ace microbrewery, so am new to the all grain aspect. No doubt I'll be asking lots of obvious questions once I get the...