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    St Peters Golden Ale

    Is brewing sugar required for first fermentation these kits ?
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    King Keg leak.

    I think I’ve read/watched everything I can find about king kegs. I cannot for the life of me get mine to hold pressure. I’ve changed to squared o seal, tried the ptfe etc. Sprayed soapy to find the leak and it’s coming from the o ring. I have noticed the cap does not look like it’s on straight...
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    Landlords Saracen

    I have been given a “Landsords Saracen EPA” kit and the only review I have seen was an extremely poor one on YouTube. Can anyone else tell me if they have done this kit and it is indeed rubbish or they enjoyed it?
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    King Keg seal spares.

    My king keg came with a rounded O seal. There is also a squared o seal on the market which claims to be “far superior” Does anybody know this to be accurate?
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    Budget Pressure Barrels

    I've had a couple of snags in the past when my barrel hasn't pressurised after priming, I have put this down to over tightening and warping the seals. Are any other common faults with the budget barrels?
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    Smoked Porter

    I brewed a smoked porter and took the recommendation to add some oak chips. I bottled the other day and cracked one open (after 4 days), no surprise it wasn't that pleasant and I fear I the woodiness could be too much. Can this mellow out over the conditioning period?
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    Original Gravity

    ‘Twas yesterday Brew day and the predicted OG of my recipe was 1.054 but I ended up with 1.058. What are the implications of this and is it the end of the world?