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  1. Theoriginalrich

    Yeast on lid after Krausen.

    What does everyone do to the yeast that gets left on the lid during Krausen? In the past I’ve scooped it off the lid with a clean utensil and put it back in the wort. I’ve also just left it. Is there a right thing to do?
  2. Theoriginalrich

    Hop pellets V’s leaves

    So I bought 100g Citra and Mosaic leaves thinking I was getting pellets. Threw them in to dry hop, no tea (probably wrong) then thought what’s the difference? Being new to this and not reading too much about hop types. This is my first real experiment and now m wondering what are the benefits...
  3. Theoriginalrich

    Pressure barrel noob.

    After getting a king Keg for Christmas I’ve finally got round to using it. I’ve followed Hazelwood’s advice and used PTFE tape on threads, cable tied the co2 inlet band and changed to a brown outlet band. I’ve not over tightened the valve nut and tightened the top with a keg wrench/spanner. My...
  4. Theoriginalrich

    Length of dry hopping

    First off I consider myself a lockdown brewer, meaning I’ve started brewing since first lockdown. Up to now I’ve tried to follow all instructions to the letter, yeah I might of added extra hops to some brews but I’ve never really been able to catch the full hop flavour I’m after and I’ve added...