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  1. Alan_Reginato

    Ruined my first batch tonight

    How much beer did you added the prime to? Usually takes 2 weeks to the yeast consume the priming sugar. But depends on temperature and if you finning or filter the beer before bottle. I used to wait, at least, 1 or 2 months before open the first bottle.
  2. Alan_Reginato

    How do you find your recipes?

    Brewers friend is a good source of recipes. Also, you could check out some of them and adapt to your taste. That's what I do. Just keep it simple at beginning, and then increase the complexity, if you want.
  3. Alan_Reginato

    When do you start drinking a new brew?

    2 months after brew, with min 1 month after bottling. Because, sometimes I let 3 to 4 weeks in the fermenter, with cold crash included.
  4. Alan_Reginato


    Cinnamon have a strong taste and do not measure by sticks, use a scale. Also, if it's added before fermentation, could occur some biotransformation by the yeast. And you definitely can't take it off, after. Some brewers do something similar to dry hopping. Could it be called dry sticking? I...
  5. Alan_Reginato

    Black ipa

    That's controversial. I kind understand who uses this definition. In the brewers friend recipe editor, my recipes usually fall in the "black IPA" or Foreign Extra Stout. Anyway, reading stuff around, black IPA should be an IPA with just more colour. Same to brown/red. If it has an roasted...
  6. Alan_Reginato

    Is this yeast ok/enough to pitch?

    Pitch that, if doesn't start to fermenting in 24 h, pitch the us05.
  7. Alan_Reginato

    Are dry hops over rated?

    Yeah. Gush issues, hop creep, expensive hops, aeration, possibly infections and fast fade out flavours. But now, that's something interesting. I usually use high proof alcohol and do a hop extract, adding direct to the bottle. 4g of hops to 200mL of ethanol. 3 hours. 4 mL each bottle is a...
  8. Alan_Reginato

    Poured 29 bottles down the sink today.

    Sorry to read that... happen sometimes. My first batch that I partially thrown out, I did because an infection of acetobacter. Vinegar beer isn't a very tasteful thing. Anyway... If something like that occurs again, not cursing you, wait few months. The beer taste change with time. Usually...
  9. Alan_Reginato

    Do Refined Sugars Cause Fusel Alcohols?

    That's a little more complicated. Esters and fusel alcohol are synthesized when there's alcohol fermentation process in the presence of amino acids or FAN. Yeast consume FAN and oxygen to growth. Maltose and maltotriose are slowly metabolized than sucrose, frutose and glucose. So... the...
  10. Alan_Reginato

    Quick starter or pitch on old yeast cake?

    Yeah, I cool the wort first. in this way, I minimize the infection possiblity. Also I don't hack to secondary, obviously, and don't dry hopping. I use homemade hop extract, with high proof alcohol at bottling. That's controversial stuff...
  11. Alan_Reginato

    Quick starter or pitch on old yeast cake?

    Oh no, I just do the first batch with dry yeast and a second with the cake. Than, clean the fermenter. If there was a third, fourth..., I'll end up with much more beer than I actually could drink.
  12. Alan_Reginato

    Quick starter or pitch on old yeast cake?

    In the one that was just emptied.
  13. Alan_Reginato

    Brewer's Invert Sugar

    Maillard could be a fast reaction, if there's heat involved. Ask to a steak how does it feel. I know it's different, because of that I try a comparison. The commercial version of both are quite expensive, so if I do it homemade, well, let's check out if it worth. The inverted caramel is...
  14. Alan_Reginato

    Quick starter or pitch on old yeast cake?

    I do consecutives batches and in the day I bottle one, mash the other and throw the wort directly on the cake. Work as well and it's more difficult to contaminate the yeast. It's just easier, nothing against yeast starter, acid washing and other processes.
  15. Alan_Reginato

    Brewer's Invert Sugar

    Ok. I will do a new thread when I have it done, but to enter in the discussion... I'm about bottling a experimental batch. I split a Pilsen wort in two fermenters and add inverted caramel to one and homemade belgian syrup (inverted sugar, protein and ammonium bicarbonate after, to rise the pH)...
  16. Alan_Reginato

    Brewing at room temperature

    Don't worry too much. Use neutral profile yeast if it's hot or you could try kveik for summer time's. I brewd with s-33 in this summer and the fermentation temp scaled up to 32c. The esters aroma was slightly fruity. Not even close than when I brewd with Saison yeast, even at 22c. Also, the...
  17. Alan_Reginato

    First Ever Brew Started!

    Yes, it will. If anything goes well, in about 24 h, it will rise 3-5 c. Keep one eye on. Especially if was a high OG and you don't wanna too much esters and fusel.
  18. Alan_Reginato

    Ways to add body when using dextrose to increase the ABV

    Yeah. Forget this part, reading a second time and I got that. But still could be useful for a future all grain mash. ;)
  19. Alan_Reginato

    Ways to add body when using dextrose to increase the ABV

    Mash in the high end of temp. Like 68-70 c. For more body. Or buy more DME. Or use high maltose instead of dextrose. Even use a less attenuating yeast like s-33. Between US-05 and nott, the last gives you a dryer beer. Also body it's related to residual sugar, but the mouthfeel could be tricky...
  20. Alan_Reginato

    Half opened packets of hops

    Like your post. After reading this, discarded some ideas of hops combinations. And, probably, saved some batches.