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  1. danmac

    Bent bottle mouth

    Just had to throw 5 bottles away from a batch because they hadn't carbonated as bottle mouth was bent! Can anyone advise why this may be
  2. danmac

    King keg replacement tap

    Is the king keg tap a standard one or is it a different one please
  3. danmac

    Racking to king keg today do I add c02 immediately

    I'm racking a miners stout to a king keg today,do I add c02 immediately or leave a few days or indeed just when I intend on drinking
  4. danmac

    Silver spoon sugar cubes

    Did an experiment when priming my bottles a few weeks back and the sugar cubes were far better than carb drops and they're £1 for a 125 cubes
  5. danmac

    Adding fruit to a wheat beer

    Hi all, I purchased a wheat beer kit yesterday and I was wondering how and when I add fruit to it please possibly raspberry or strawberry
  6. danmac

    13 days is it ready to chill and where

    My American IPA has been bottled for 13 days what now do I do
  7. danmac

    Fermentasaurus gen 2 starter kit

    Has anyone got this it sounds amazing
  8. danmac

    Can I add more sugar the day after to boost the abv of cider

    Can I add more sugar the day after to boost the abv of cider
  9. danmac

    Smith's cheese moments

    I'm gutted they stopped selling these as they were amazing
  10. danmac

    Turbo cider strength

    I brewed a turbo cider last night, ingredients 2 litres of apple juice 2 litres of cherry juice 1 cup of strong tea 500g of sugar 1 TSP yeast 1 TSP yeast nutrient 1 TSP pectolase Og was only 1.052 I thought it would of been higher or am I wrong
  11. danmac

    Hydrometer reading

    Hi, still not used to hydrometer readings yet, done 2 brews tonight and a turbo cider I've taken photos of each reading if someone can decipher them please it'd be much appreciated
  12. danmac

    13 day turbo cider

    I fermented it for 7 days and it's been in a bottle for 6 days will it be quaffable
  13. danmac

    Washing bottles in bath

    Surely there's a quicker easier way of cleaning bottles than chucking them all in the bath
  14. danmac

    Will a king keg fit in a standard undercounter fridge

    I've just acquired a king keg courtesy of the amazing @jimbo1982 and I'm wondering if it will fit in an undercounter fridge as I will buy one if it does
  15. danmac

    Replacement seals for king keg (pic attached)

    Anyone know where I can get replacement seals for my king keg and what size they are
  16. danmac

    Hydrometer reading (picture attached)

    Is this reading 1.054 I've just brewed a newkie brown
  17. danmac

    Bottle wand very slow

    Does anyone else think the bottle wand is very slow or am I doing something wrong
  18. danmac

    Where do I clip this (pic shown)

    Anyone know what I do with this please
  19. danmac

    Sugar cubes

    Is one sugar cube ok per 500 ml bottle or too much
  20. danmac

    First brew bottling day

    Today I'm bottling my first brew I'm going try sugar cubes as I have a load of them has anyone tried this