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  1. proost


    I'm on the Essex coast. Same hear on the Essex coast.
  2. proost

    Bad brew signs

    Forgot to say I drank the whole lot 🙂
  3. proost

    Bad brew signs

    I have had two brews infected with this, a Berliner Weisse and a Dunkel Weizen. Being a tight git I couldn't bring myself to bin them so just bottled them. I have to say they tasted more bitter than neat lemon juice! 😖 My elderly neighbour wanted to try one as he likes a sour beer. He very...
  4. proost

    Beer Glasses ?

    I normally manage to get my wheat beer glasses from car boot sales
  5. proost

    Homebrew Beer Myths

    Gives a whole new meaning to the saying " are you pleased to see me or is that a hydrometer down your trousers" 🤣
  6. proost

    Saving yeast

    Thanks for the info 👍
  7. proost

    Saving yeast

    Thanks for that. How do I make a starter medium?
  8. proost

    Saving yeast

    My first attempt at saving yeast. It's from a wheat beer using WB-06, all grain. I've seen photos of saving yeast but they all seem to have 3 layers, whereas mine has obviously got 2. It was a 12l batch and after racking into secondary fv, I just swirled around the trub at the bottom and dumped...
  9. proost

    Where to buy bottles from

    I use the green Koparberg bottles from my local, they are more than happy to get rid of them. And the labels just fall off after a quick soak 👍
  10. proost

    Pen for lableing brown glass bottles

    Silver Sharpie and remove with WD-40 🙂
  11. proost

    Homebrew Beer Myths

    When I first had a go at home brewing back in 1972 (!) Most of it tasted liked s***e. No heat control, etc.
  12. proost

    Homebrew Beer Myths

    I once removed the label from a bottle of Heinekien, glued one of my own labels on it and gave it to my mate who would only drink lager. He was very impressed and said that it tasted just like a commercial lager. He told everyone what a fantastic home brewer I was! I never told him 🙂
  13. proost

    Does your beer make you Fart?

    So am I 🤣🤣🤣
  14. proost

    Drinking sediment

    First time I've seen that thread and as I was reading it my missus said "what are you laughing at" when I told her, she replied "isn't it about time you grew up?" Have to say that I have been drawing my state pension for quite a few years now. I'm still laughing at some of the replies 🤣😄🍺😳😂
  15. proost

    Diluting at bottling stage.

    Joy's of parenthood 😄
  16. proost

    Wort chilling advice

    That's what I do 👍
  17. proost

    How can this be

    I got a load of Tesco's Golden Sugar. I'm definitely going to try this recipe. Cheers 👍
  18. proost

    How can this be

    Cheers! 👍
  19. proost

    How can this be

    What is 750g of gs?