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  1. thesteve

    Lager Making

    I am thinking of brewing a lager to take advantage of the cold winter temperatures. After you have pitched the yeast and fermented at 10-15 degrees, can anyone explain the process after that. I understand that you need to lager at around three degrees for a period of time. Would you bottle it...
  2. thesteve

    Carbonation Question

    Can anyone explain the reason for a good head on a beer but hardly any fizz? I thought the two were kind of related and due to the amount of priming sugar but have had a few beers which are pretty flat yet have a decent head to them. I quite like a bit of fizz to my beer but struggling to get...
  3. thesteve

    NEIPA question

    I brewed the NEIPA from the Greg Hughes book and in the middle of bottling. The book says two weeks at 10 degrees after that. Question is, will it carb up at that temperature? I'm a bit sceptical.
  4. thesteve

    No fizz!

    Since I started brewing I often have an issue with a lack of fizz in my beers and I am starting to wonder if am I doing something wrong when I wash and sterilise bottles. I normally wash them out with a bit of fairy liquid then rinse then sterilise using VWP after which I rinse twice. Should I...
  5. thesteve

    Recipe idea needed

    Ordered some pilsner lager malt and vienna malt a few weeks ago with the intention of brewing up a saison but think I have missed the boat in terms of getting hot enough weather for the yeast to work. Anyone got any ideas what I could use these malts for instead? The hops I have kicking around...
  6. thesteve

    BIAB Alternative

    Anybody used anything like this inside a brewpot instead of a mesh bag and if so, does it work...
  7. thesteve

    Lager Kit

    Just bottled the Mad Millie lager kit that Brew2Bottle were promoting a few weeks back. It has always been IPAs I have done before and this is my first attempt at a lager kit. When I was bottling it yesterday it seemed so carbonated already, is that normal for a lager kit? I could have poured a...
  8. thesteve

    Women's periods

    Now I know you should just bit your tongue sometimes but jesus it's difficult aheadbutt
  9. thesteve

    Carbonation issue

    Finished an IPA brew just over a month ago. It was sitting in the house in the warmth for a couple of weeks then I moved it to the garage in the cold for another two weeks but when I opened the first bottle last night it did not have much fizz to it. Will it get better just leaving it in the...
  10. thesteve


    Can anyone advise how important the quantity of yeast is in all grain brews? I prefer to do smaller batch brewing so I end up with maybe 10 litres of beer in the end but the packets of yeast normally cover bigger batches so I only use part of the packet. Is this important or what would be the...
  11. thesteve

    The Handshake

    Why does no one shake hands properly anymore? Noticed this first in football but now it seems to be creeping in everywhere............I just found out it is called the "homie" handshake!
  12. thesteve

    Can I still bottle after using barrel?

    Brewed a Coopers Irish Stout kit and after bottling some I put the remainder in a pressure barrel. The stuff in the bottles is great but I have no head whatsoever when I pour from the pressure barrel. Looks just like Coca Cola!! Don't want to pour the beer from the pressure barrel away -...
  13. thesteve

    Lager Kits

    Anyone know of a decent lager kit around the 4% mark? Last beer I brewed was the Youngs IPA kit which tastes great for one pint of it but at 6.5% I personally find it a bit strong. Not really a relaxing drink if you knock back two or three pints worth in an evening.
  14. thesteve

    Bottling wine

    Quick question on bottling wine - as the wine has already been siphoned from the first demijohn into the second, is it necessary to siphon it again into the bottles? The reason I ask is that it is only a small batch kit I am making so wondered if it would work just literally pouring it into the...