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  1. thesteve

    Nicola Sturgeon has been cleared

    I get the feeling that her popularity has taken a bit of a hit over the last few months, more to do with the covid easing rules than anything else. Most people I spoke to before that seemed to be of the view that she had made a much better job of the the whole pandemic than Boris Johnson but...
  2. thesteve

    Brewing with Malt extract (and grain)

    Done a good few all grain brews but a bit fed up with the time it takes of late so the last couple have been DME plus hops and still awaiting the results. Does it make much difference to the final product by doing a small grain steep in addition to an extract brew?
  3. thesteve

    Cctv cameras..

    I don't know what the rules are Chippy but when you see one you don't really know what area is being covered by the camera. I don't like the idea that my kids might be recorded playing outside because my neighbour has a camera up. I feel exactly the same about people with dash cams on their...
  4. thesteve

    Cctv cameras..

    Nothing to do with the workings of cameras but I generally hate these things. The idea of having your every move recorded as you move about your garden or the idea of being recorded whilst knocking on a neighbours door does not sit right with me. Unless there was a massive issue with break ins...
  5. thesteve

    Calling for the duty to be slashed in the upcoming budget on March 3.

    Yes, I agree about hospitality as a whole and I don't think one is more valuable than the other just that the whole thing is evolving and as Chippy says above, the wet pubs are disappearing. It seems illogical for example just to push up something like corporation tax to bring in government...
  6. thesteve

    Calling for the duty to be slashed in the upcoming budget on March 3.

    The pub industry is dying and for that reason part of me wonders whether government money would be better directed into something which is going to be sustainable and also something which would better benefit the country. Times have changed and a lot of people today either drink at home, don't...
  7. thesteve

    Wee Heavy recipe

    Good luck tdp. Not sure the english deserve credit for the wee heavy though. I am off to watch old clips of that great German footballer Johan Cruyff ;)
  8. thesteve

    Glass bottles

    50 including caps and delivery for £30.95
  9. thesteve


    one steve to another.............120 litres is a hell of a lot of beer. Surely you won't need to do it again for a while ashock1 Agree with a lot said above. I rinse out the bottles immediately after pouring a beer which makes a massive difference. Whenever bottling I also wash the bottles...
  10. thesteve

    Valentine's gift for my wife.

    Is that some form of cosmetic treatment Clint, or am I just reading too much into your comment?
  11. thesteve


    Minus 10 in Morayshire at the moment so no sign of the snow going anywhere. Cannot actually remember seeing the thermometer ever reading that low before to be honest. Meant to reach the giddy heights of 6 or 7 degrees by about Tuesday so should all be gone be the middle of next week. Need to...
  12. thesteve

    Lager Making

    Thanks for the replies, good advice. My only concern is how do you get it to carbonate when it goes from say 13 degrees at fermentation then to maybe 2-3 degrees for lagering? Would I need to move the bottles into the warmth before I do the lagering bit or once it has lagered after a couple of...
  13. thesteve

    Lager Making

    I am thinking of brewing a lager to take advantage of the cold winter temperatures. After you have pitched the yeast and fermented at 10-15 degrees, can anyone explain the process after that. I understand that you need to lager at around three degrees for a period of time. Would you bottle it...
  14. thesteve

    Premier league. [Spoiler warning]

    Interesting article Falco. The fans perspective on this always intrigues me because, for some weird reason, the average football supporter seems to think the fans have some kind of ownership of the club whereas in reality they are no different to punters who go to the theatre or a concert. The...
  15. thesteve

    Carbonation Question

    Can anyone explain the reason for a good head on a beer but hardly any fizz? I thought the two were kind of related and due to the amount of priming sugar but have had a few beers which are pretty flat yet have a decent head to them. I quite like a bit of fizz to my beer but struggling to get...
  16. thesteve

    Premier league. [Spoiler warning]

    Plenty of players have recovered successfully from ACL injuries, Shearer and Van Nistelrooy to name but two. Depends on the individual. Van Dijk doesn't strike me as the mentally fragile type.
  17. thesteve

    Premier league. [Spoiler warning]

    No way in the world he would ever end up at Celtic or Newcastle. Absolute fantasy. He's gonna have to take a massive step down now and go back into the Championship. Cannot see him getting another Premier League job in the near future, he is not in the same bracket as the managers at Palace...
  18. thesteve

    Premier league. [Spoiler warning]

    He was even shitier that I thought! ;)
  19. thesteve

    Premier league. [Spoiler warning]

    I was never one who subscribed to Lampard doing a "great job" at Chelsea. In the season before he arrived they had just finished 3rd in the league, got to the league cup final and won the europa league yet the so called experts seem to think he did wonderfully well to finish 4th last season...