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  1. MartinF

    Two Corny kegs for sale

    I have two AEB Cornies (570 x 220mm dia) for sale. Both scrupulously clean, dent-free and pressure tight. Willing to post at cost. £50 each or £80 for both kegs, + postage, and they could be all yours.
  2. MartinF

    Dunkle Weizen fermentation woes

    After over 45 years of brewing I'm no novice, but it's interesting that there are still things that can go awry that I can't explain. So it is with a Hefe Dunkles - to give it its colloquial German name - a beer I've never brewed before despite having done regular Hefeweizen beers many times. So...
  3. MartinF

    pH meter instructions (The ones sold by the Malt Miller)

    Anyone who's bought one of these pH meters from The Malt Miller may well have struggled to understand the supplied instructions, which have not entirely been translated from Chinese. So here are my attempts to make them more understandable... Glossary: "HODE" -> Hold Buttons: ON/OFF: [Short]...
  4. MartinF

    Klarstein SS Fermenter - looking for info

    Note: I'm looking at the fermenter - not the maischfest mash/brew kettle. I've been looking at this fermenter and struggling to find any great level of detail about it. The "manual" can be downloaded from the Klarstein website but is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I'm wondering if it...