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  1. Robotman

    BROWIN packet 4 seasons with Cranberry , Rosehip

    I ve had a go at two batches of Browins winemaking from a packet. They do three types and all you need in addition is sugar and water. The packet makes up to 10 ltr. Cost of a packet was £5.00. They are now on eBay for twice that, maybe leaving EU has done that ! I started at the beginning of...
  2. Robotman

    What to do after my wine has fermented out

    Ok ... sorry but a bit of a newbie question . I’m sure this is a common question but I wasn’t sure where to look. Ive got 30 litres of wine on the go, 10 ltr s of that is supermarket juice based. I’m still a little uncertain of how I get to the bottling stage. I’m at the 6 week stage with some...