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  1. JiiPee95

    Brewing cider from a kit (MYO Apple)

    So in couple months we are going to try and brew our first cider. We've brewed beer before and the process doesn't seem too different between a beer kit and a cider kit. The only thing I'm wondering is the sweetener. The kit comes with an artificial sweetener package you should add, but I really...
  2. JiiPee95

    Brewferm Triple Wheat and English IPA

    Hello, haven't done a whole lot of brewing lately. We made a couple of kits in the summer and tried dey hopping for the first time with interesting results. But now I thought it's a good time to brew something again, we ordered two Brewferm kits, Triple Wheat and English IPA. We've only done...
  3. JiiPee95

    Greetings from Finland!

    Hello! I joined this forum cause I just started brewing my own beer recently for the first time. I love beer and have been interested in making my own for quite a while, and finally got myself to get myself to try. I got the coopers DIY kit that came with everything I needed to make my first...