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  1. Brewnaldo

    Brewnaldos brewday

    Almost another month between posts. This is getting shambolic! Anyway just bottled my lemon and lime lager, and the taste straight from FV is absolitely glorious. Im so excited for this to carb up now. I think I may have lucked onto a belter here.
  2. Brewnaldo

    Brewdog culture of fear for Employees

    We might all sell out for the millions, but its you can still call them out for their ridiculous "anti establishment" chat. They are dishonest, slaves to corporate greed and its ok to be that. Just dont lie to us about what you are, because you will get caught, and folk like me will be ready to...
  3. Brewnaldo

    Brewdog culture of fear for Employees

    Least surprising news ever. Delighted to have always avoided their beer like the plague and will continue to do so.
  4. Brewnaldo

    Anna's Brewdays

    My current lager (of sorts, its warm fermented with MJ Californian Lager) has some lime in the boil, and I just added some lemon and lime skin lastnight as it has reached FG and just needs a few days to clear before bottling. Wont be ready before you brew years but i'll let you know how the...
  5. Brewnaldo

    Brewing with honey

    You want to be sanitising honey so if you are adding it at conditioning be sure to boil it up in some water first. Cant help on dosing rates as conpared to sugar sorry
  6. Brewnaldo

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    21 litres of lemon and lime lager 11904
  7. Brewnaldo

    How much lemon/lime

    Currently brewing a lemon and lime lager. Pils and munich malt, bittering with Herkules, and a small late addition of Herkules and lemon drop. I have 2 limes which I intend to chop up and add at 5 mins. No lemons as the shop had none, but I will add lemon and lime peel as a "dry" addition...
  8. Brewnaldo

    Anna's Brewdays

    Heats not the problem unfortunetaly. Its the coolong side I dont have. I can control temp easy is ambient is lower than required brewing temp
  9. Brewnaldo

    Anna's Brewdays

    Ah yes. Makes sense. So no requirement for a heater. Maybe this setup is all I need. Fermenting fridge would be great but somewhere to cold crash my kegs wpuld be great too. Basically cant keg anything all summer as I can neither cool it nor bottle from it in these temperatures
  10. Brewnaldo

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Augustiner Helles. Just great.
  11. Brewnaldo

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Winter Wassail courtesy of @DocAnna Have already been onto her via PM to get the recipe and find out what the additional flavourings were. Imagine my surprise when informed that all of this sticky, burnt toffee, dried fruit flavour came from mere malts and hops. Iv not brewed many dark beers...
  12. Brewnaldo

    Bread Porn

    Lurpak on there mate. Spread thicker than a Sun reader. Delightful.
  13. Brewnaldo

    Anna's Brewdays

    How does temp control work when presumably powering a fridge and a freezer via the same controller? Or have I got this all wrong? I always assumed that it would cause problems...
  14. Brewnaldo

    Brewnaldos brewday

    Well its been a while... Over a month since I brewed. Life gets in the way.... Anyway I have a plan for a lemon and lime lager next, but wishing to check a recipe with anyone who happens to see this... I'm looking to brew a summery ale with elderflower, so I have ordered a batch of extra pale...
  15. Brewnaldo

    Anna's Brewdays

    If its a NEIPA kit then couldnt it be the oats causing the stuck sparge?
  16. Brewnaldo

    RAFFLE #18 Grainfather Advanced Brewery Set Up

    The proper schadenfreude thing to do would be to hand the prize to Brewnaldo, because if I win, the neccessary clear out of my garage will be a job for the ages. I expect to have my assumption confirmed that the conditions in there are correct for the evolution of a breed of super spider not...
  17. Brewnaldo

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Lots of people in Scotland and beyond turn their noses up at Tennents Lager. Iv just been to the pub for the first time in months for some Tennents lager. Absolutely. *******. GLORIOUS
  18. Brewnaldo

    Pitching rate for Boho Pils

    And cheap as chips into the bargain. I'm considering trying MJ Cali lager yeast for my next brew but i've got more Hell than a Hellery so might stick for now
  19. Brewnaldo

    Lemon and Lime Beer

    Lovely cheers. I have grain and herkules hops for a lager already. Just ordered 25g of lemon drop for flameout and will use peel in the FV to make a nice refreshing summer lager hopefully