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  1. Get_Er_Brewed

    How to start kegging beer?

    We just posted a new youtube video which we hope will be helpful to beginners looking at the different kegging options with SS Mini Kegs & Corny Kegs If your Interested in learning how to keg your brews then checkout our latest youtube video explaining Corny Kegs & SS Mini Kegs and how to...
  2. Get_Er_Brewed

    Advanced Hop Products for Homebrewers

    Hey everyone!! Hope your all doing well We are seeing huge advances and innovations in advanced hop products , as progressive brewers start to move away from leaf and now even traditional t90 pellets we are pleased to offer these new products to you in a homebrew format. We have seen 4 new...
  3. Get_Er_Brewed

    Lallemand Premium Homebrew Yeast

    We have experienced an unprecedented demand for the premium range of lallemand yeast and had been out of stock of the New England for sometime and we're glad to report we have it back in stock. Lallemand have a extensive range of traditional yeast products to allow you to brew any classic beer...
  4. Get_Er_Brewed

    Lupomax now available at Geterbrewed

    Lupomax As we see the demand for hop forward beers continuing to grow we are pleased to present a Lupulin enriched hop pellet called Lupomax. Geterbrewed are proud to be launching Lupomax with the first two varieties available being the highly sought after Mosaic & Citra. So what is Lupomax...
  5. Get_Er_Brewed

    Hop Tea Bags for Brewing Beer

    We've been selling hop tea bags for a longtime but we just wanted to highlight the innovative woven tea bag technology we use as we feel the size and material allows for better utilisation of the hop pellets inside them These hop tea bags can be used at any stage of the brewing process , we use...
  6. Get_Er_Brewed

    Corny Kegs Promotion - 19 litre,12 litre,9.5litre & 6.5 litre

    Hey We have 4 sizes of brand new premium quality corny kegs in stock and we have added a hefty discount on them You can find them in our kegging section online Thanks Jonathan
  7. Get_Er_Brewed

    Vegan Homebrewing

    Andrzej one of our team at Geterbrewed is Vegan and is very passionate about it, our online homebrew store is constantly getting enquiries about vegan homebrewing so we asked Andrzej to do a quick video explaining what to look our for as a Vegan homebrewer. If you need help making your...
  8. Get_Er_Brewed

    New Aussie Flavour Hop ⁠ - Eclipse Hops

    This is exciting for us to receive this hop as we visited the farm in Australia with Simply Hops during harvest 2019 and got to talk to the breeder and immerse ourselves in sensory experience of hop selecting in the hop breeding garden⁠. We are proud to offer the full Hop Products Australia...
  9. Get_Er_Brewed

    Beacon Brewster 40 - All in one brewing system promo at Geterbrewed

    Beacon Brewster 40 All in one homebrewing system for all grain brewing your own craft beers. Not only are they incredible value but we are now offering a FREE Copper wort chiller to make it even better. GEB do the best value deals on the homebrew market this system is highly recommended by...
  10. Get_Er_Brewed

    Ferminator Launch at Geterbrewed

    First up we introduce the Ferminator Basic Ferminator ensures fermentation at a precise and stable temperature. At room temp. (20°) the Ferminator can lower the temp. to 0° and raise it to 50°*. The Ferminator makes is possible to ferment at the precise desired temperature. For example, it is...
  11. Get_Er_Brewed

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    INCOGNITO - Advanced Hop Products for Homebrewers Max hop flavour with minimum process loss, packaged in pharmaceutical grade test tubes in a 15ml format perfect for homebrewers 100% Natural Hop Product Brew hop forward beers with ease 100% Hops with Z E R O vegetative material Plays well with...
  12. Get_Er_Brewed

    Brew Monk 30 Litre All in One brewing System & Brew Monk Magnus

    There has been huge demand for these in recent months , we have just received another shipment, if your interested they won't hang about, links below:
  13. Get_Er_Brewed

    Huge GEB Competition - Win a Kegerator Series X - 4 tap

    Kegerator Competition has just gone live across our social media channels, thought i'd let you guys know so you can get entered. Best Of Luck Jonathan The new Series X - 4 tap Kegerator - the new going out is building a bar at home!! Geterbrewed supply home brewers & breweries with their...
  14. Get_Er_Brewed

    Verdant IPA Yeast at Geterbrewed

    Verdant IPA Yeast New Innovative yeast products continue to be launched by Lallemand that fit the trends in beer making, we are proud to be launching the Verdant IPA yeast which has been isolated from the brewery its named after, they focus on hop forward beer styles and this yeast will allow...
  15. Get_Er_Brewed

    Kegerator Series X 4 Tap

    Hi We unloaded another load of these earlier today and updated the website: The last load didn't hang about long, contact us for a details on shipping, best way to ship is via the pallet network Thanks Jonathan
  16. Get_Er_Brewed

    Experimental Beer Kits Series⁠

    Experimental Beer Kits Series⁠ ⁠ Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from a simple beer kit ⁠ ⁠ Homebrew beer kits designed using all of our own products, we recently upgraded the quality of the liquid malt in these kits and changed the recipes, we will also be adding new recipes...
  17. Get_Er_Brewed

    New 25 Litre All Grain Recipes

    We've been working with our key distribution partners to create a range of recipes that appeal to a wide variety of brewers, this project has taken two years and we are super proud to finally have them available. They will be professionally packaged: All grains weighed out and crushed fresh to...
  18. Get_Er_Brewed

    Starsan is back

    Star San is Back!! We expect huge demand in these products as the full range return after awaiting Reach Certification being updated for importing into Europe We have Starsan, Saniclean and PBW in all sizes, no need to panic buy its readily available from here on in...
  19. Get_Er_Brewed

    Sour Yeast Launched by Lallemand - Philly Sour

    WildBrew Philly Sour Lallemand Yeast 11g This first yeast in the WildBrew™ series is a great choice for innovative, sessionable sour beers with refreshing acidity and notes of stone fruit. With high attenuation, high flocculation and good head retention, WildBrew™ Philly Sour is an ideal yeast...
  20. Get_Er_Brewed

    Best Value Hops - Australian, American, European.....

    1kg Resealable Hop Packages⁠, yes we've added some extra Australian varieties don't miss out!! ⁠ The most sought after hop varieties in the world from our distributor partners Simply Hops: Barth Haas & Hop Products Australia ⁠ ⁠ Simply the finest hops:⁠...