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  1. the baron

    Has anybody already started to have problems with CO2 supply or price hikes

    The latest news is that CO2 is going to be in short supply and Hospitals may be prioritised. I am not fully au fait with what's happening but it looks like it is going to affect homebrewers. So has anyone had issues as of yet? Oh and as the thread is about CO2 supply please do not make this into...
  2. the baron

    Back to Kit Brews for a while

    Hi I have so busy lately I am struggling to find time to AG brew so I have done 3 Wilko kits to build up my stocks. I am not going to pimp them too much all I have done is add dried Wheat malt to all plus brown sugar in the winter warmer, some golden syrup to the IPA (the 1.8kg kit) and sugar so...
  3. the baron

    Equipment For Sale 10 beer crates 5 x Tyskie 5 x Lech - collection only

    Hi I have just put these on fleabay 5 Tyskie and 5 Lech beer crates. They hold 20 standard 500ml bottles. I will split into 2 lots of 5 but collection only from West Yorkshire £50 the lot or £25 for 5
  4. the baron

    Chateau Special B ?

    Hi I bought some of this on a whim, it says its gives raisin/fruit flavours to darker ales how much should I really use as I would prefer somebody who has actually used it rather than the guides because I think it may be possible to easily use too much. Come on AA I am sure you will have used it...
  5. the baron

    Kveik Yeast new to me and still chugging?

    Hi I have only just tried Kveik Voss in my latest couple of brews. Now the question is it is 14 days and it is still chugging away as it did on the first brew I did the other week is this normal? I pitched it high at 38c in both and unfortunately I do not have temp control so it has slowly...
  6. the baron

    Brewdog culture of fear for Employees

    Just seen the headlines on the BBC website, it seems that Brewdog have had a toxic attitude to its staff. Former staff at Brewdog have alleged a "culture of fear" at the beer firm with a "toxic attitude" to junior employees. In an open letter, signatories said a "significant number" of former...
  7. the baron

    Re-using a dry hop in a second beer?

    I have dry hopped a IPA with 100g of Punk'd hops (from CML) and I am wandering whether to re-use these in a 2nd IPA I am just about to dry hop in other words add the new dry hop to the old ones and dump them in to give extra flavour. Has anybody ever done this?
  8. the baron

    Yesteryear beers and were they as good as we remember

    Hi just a topic up for discussion we seem to always get brewers/drinkers asking for the old beers from when we were young and that they do not taste the same or as good. Now I am not saying its not true but are some of us me included could be stuck in a timewarp of everything was better when we...
  9. the baron

    Anybody used Palisade Hops?

    I want a genuine description if anybody has used them as the descriptors that are used by the growers/sellers are usually nothing like. Any help welcome
  10. the baron

    Thinking of doing a cider which kit is best

    Hi I do AG beers normally and have only ever done a cider many years ago but thinking of doing a cider kit and flavour it with Lowicz juice so which kits are the best for this Ps the first and only cider I did had a yeasty taste to it is this a trait of some kits? Its not for me as I do not...
  11. the baron

    Banks Amber Bitter latest recipe anyone

    Hi I am wanting to do a Banks Amber as sold in the supermarkets @ 89p. I have the Graham Wheeler book but it only shows Pale Malt and Black Malt but I think is this going to give that same taste as it does seem so basic and also has the recipe maybe changed as GW's recipe is quite old. Wondered...
  12. the baron

    6 Demijohns some with wine £10

    Hi clearing out 6 demijohns some with Free wine but do not know status as been in storage a while £10 Collection only from Castleford Ps I think one is a dark glass see pics
  13. the baron

    Free Bottles and Milk Crates

    Hi having a clearout so approx 40 beer bottles and 2 milk crates to store in FOC all the bottles have been used several times and rinsed before storage just labels have not been removed but ready for use just need sanitising Colllection ASAP
  14. the baron

    Step Mashing

    Hi I have just started doing step mashes to see what effect it has as i have been using a lot more Vienna and Munich malt in the grist. Now I know that it should not be really essential to do with modern malts but I have found that the first 2 brews I have done the BH Eff has gone up quite a bit...
  15. the baron

    Whirlpool Hop Utilisation %

    Hi anybody have a better or more accurate idea of whirlpool hop utilisation as I have just done a 70g hop addition at 90c for 30 minutes and it said 18.1 IBU's. The beer is now ready and on tasting it seems to be more bitter than 18 IBU's to me, don't get me wrong I erred on the low side so as...
  16. the baron

    Yeast Slurry re-use takes longer to stop fermenting

    Hi as anybody else had instances where re-using yeast slurry it has taken longer than usual to stop fermenting. I find it has happened on 3rd generations plus, it works fine and chews through the wort but at days 9 plus still has a layer of fine bubbles on the surface which are almost certainly...
  17. the baron

    Hop Spider Tip

    just a quick tip that may help with hop utilization whilst using a hop spider. Use a small handful of rice hulls/oat husks between hop additions to aid the flow through the hops especially if using pellets
  18. the baron

    MOT exemption just come through

    The Government have just announced that all motorbikes, cars and vans needing a test from the 30th of March will get a 6 month exemption. Looks to me as if this is prior action to shutting other things down such as MOT stations. Watch This Space
  19. the baron

    Why are Tilts so expensive and can you justify the cost of buying them

    As the title says why are they so expensive as all they are are a hydrometer that sends upto date readings via a App/mobile phone. Surely this technology is not cutting edge compared to some of the things we can buy nowadays it seems to be that they know that quite a large amount brewers are...
  20. the baron

    Anybody else noticed Signatures scattered

    Has anybody else noticed the signatures are scattered, the letters of the words are all over my my end. Anybody else?