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  1. thegrantickle

    Equipment Wanted 3 x Kettle elements with IEC fittings

    Hi guys, Getting kinda sick of repairing my kettle elements which I tore from £5 kettles. Looking to see if anyone has some old 2.4kW elements they're willing to sell on the cheap which already have IEC connections on them? I know I can get them new but £30 each or thereabouts is taking the...
  2. thegrantickle

    Wheat Beer Fermentation Stuck/Off flavour & smell

    Hi guys, So I have been fermenting a wheat beer this week, trying to push the banana esters as hard as I can. I used WYeast 3638. Malt bill was basically 70% malted wheat & 30% pils. Hopped it lightly with Mandarina Bavaria. I decided to open ferment this beer, but did so in my fermentation...
  3. thegrantickle

    HomeBrew Club: Glasgow

    Hi all, As far as I'm aware, there's not a home brew club in Glasgow currently. I'm thinking of starting up a monthly meet up for bottle shares/recipe chats/ general feedback etc. Who else would be interested? Grant
  4. thegrantickle

    RO Water Sample Testing

    Hi All, I have an RO system, and I love it! Adjusting water chemistry has given me so much more control over my beers! I use Bru'n'Water for my water chemistry, and I'm currently using the RO profile in there set to 100% dillution. However, I am really interested in finding out what the mineral...
  5. thegrantickle

    Mango brett beer

    Yo, So I'm soon brewing a mango and chilli mixed ferm sour. It'll be soured with lacto for 2 days then fermented 100% with a mixed brett culture I've made. I am going to ass the chilis and mangoes to the fermenter. My question is about the mango husks and seeds... I'd like to add the mangoes...
  6. thegrantickle

    PT100 Advice

    Hi guys, Looking for an inexpensive PT100 thermocouple which is short enough to be mounted directly into a stainless steel tee on the inlet to the mash tun for my HERMS system. Ideally either a 3/8" or 1/4" of BSP thread. Struggling to find what I'm after, wonder if anyone has any suggestions?
  7. thegrantickle

    Equipment For Sale For sale: brand new Inkbird ITC-1000

    Hiya, Bought this temperature controller in error, not what I need. Was £15 and still brand new in box but open to offers. Might be useful for someone.
  8. thegrantickle

    Stainless steel pipe cutting

    Hi all, I'm making a HLT/HERMS tank, and I have a stainless steel wort chiller which I am fitting into the ot as a HERMS coil. I need to cut a couple of points on the pipe to make it fit the pot. I don't have an angle grinder. Does anybody have a suggestion of how to do this, neatly, or a shop...
  9. thegrantickle

    Equipment Wanted Wanted: 30-50L stainless steel pot

    Hi guys, Looking for anyone selling or with knowledge of a reasonably priced stainless steel stock pot 30-50L. New or used, with or without fittings, looking for it to build my HLT/HERMS system into. The usual go to good value places are out of stock and I feel like £70+ is a lot for such a...
  10. thegrantickle

    Omega Yeast Bananza OYL-400

    Has anyone managed to get their hands on this Omega Yeast strain here in the UK? I'm desperate to try it out, as they have bio-engineered it so that it doesn't have the gene to produce 4-vinyl guaiacol (the phenol we perceive as clove). Have scoured the interwebs and nobody in the UK seems to...
  11. thegrantickle

    Side pour taps - building (if you know, you know)

    Hi all, I would really love a side pour lager tap, but the cost of buying one of the real-deal faucets by Lukr is abour £200 a pop! So, I've been trying to think about how I could build a tap to do the same job, even if it is a lot less pretty... The tap is essentially 4 main components - the...
  12. thegrantickle

    Invert Sugar

    What's happening peeps I'm going to make some invert sugar for a RIS this weekend. Using 1.5kg of Billingtons Light Muscovado Raw Cane sugar as the base for it. Going to make as per instructions for BI Sugar no. 1. Sugar stats on their website are: Typical Values Per 100g Energy 1670kJ...
  13. thegrantickle

    Lactose Subs

    Right, So I've f***ed up because my inventory was wrong. Thought I had 1200g of lactose, turns out I only have 500g (doh!) I'm brewing an Imperial Milk Stout on Saturday, and the 1200g made up 7% of the fermentable bill. I'm thinking of adding in some flaked oats (i have 2kgs) or using some...
  14. thegrantickle

    Thick strong bottles for brett beers

    Hi folks, Where do people buy new, thicker brown glass bottles from for bottling brett/mixed ferm beers? Struggling to find somewhere that sells stronger bottles on a small scale? Thanks Grant
  15. thegrantickle

    Brettanomyces starter super funk

    Hi all, I made a starter culture with some brettanomyces lambicus and some sterile saison wort last weekend, and it's been fairly active. Have been giving it air once a day to oxygenate. Had a sniff last night and it's stinking of earthy beetroot? Has anyone come across this before as I've...
  16. thegrantickle

    Priming Sugar Calculator

    Hi all, I've created an excel spreadsheet (attached) to calculate the amount of priming sugar required to achieve desired carbonation level. I've been using this method with really great, consistent results for the past few months, so decided to make a spreadsheet calculator to speed up...
  17. thegrantickle

    Beer engine refurb

    Hey guys, @mickthetrick recently send me an old beer engine he wasn't using, and I've gone about restoring it. Luckily the piston seal is still in good nick, so I haven't had to replace that - I couldn't find a replacement for it however I did find a suggestion somewhere on here of 1.5mm...
  18. thegrantickle

    Wanted: beer engine

    Hi all, Anyone got a beer engine/hand pump lying around they want to sell? Doesn't have to be mint condition. Cheers Grant
  19. thegrantickle

    Beer engine wanted

    Hi all, Anyone got a second hand beer engine in reasonable condition they'd be willing to sell? Cheers Grant
  20. thegrantickle

    Mr Blue 2019 Clone Recipe

    So, Who tried To Øls Mr Blue 2019 version? What a wild but amazing beer. I found it amazing to pair with cheese boards - particularly blue cheeses and stinky mould ripened goats cheeses. Anyway, I want to brew a clone. For those who don't know it, it was a fairly divisive beer - 10.1%...