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    Bottled juice turbo cider

    Hey Danmac.. how did that turn out for you? Sounds a bit light on the sugar to me, but I’m but a novice. Just gleaning as much info as I can… every days a school day…
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    Hi… from Lincolnshire

    Hey fellas… thanks for the welcome. My post probably gives the impression I’m only into ciders, well, my passion is brewing ciders, but my real love is IPA’s…. My favourite ale is Adnams Ghost Ship, good lord I can’t get enough of it…. So, I’ll hopefully be able to contribute in the IPA threads...
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    Hi… from Lincolnshire

    Oh! Thought I’d add… my turbo cider is bought apple juice and the mango etc is a smoothie.. got the idea of using a smoothie from Moss on YouTube…thoughts welcome.
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    Hi… from Lincolnshire

    Hey everyone. My name is Wayne and I’m from Spalding in Lincolnshire. Not altogether new to brewing, but recently discovered a passion for brewing ciders. Currently investigating turbo ciders… right now I have 5 Gallons of Elderflower, Honey, Grape and lemon balm wine on the go… along with 1...