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  1. Grizzly Notations

    Dandelion Wine

    Anyone ever made it before? What does it taste like? Someone at work suggested it and I quite like the idea. I also like the idea of an alcoholic dandelion and burdock beverage, is this possible?
  2. Grizzly Notations

    February Forum Competition - Dark Beers

    Good afternoon all! It's time! No, not Brexit, but Dark Beer month! Wooo. The weather is picking up, it was mild out today, but that won't stop enjoying some winter-esqe beers. This will be my first time doing this, but the wife has volunteered to help with the judging. And I will be joined...
  3. Grizzly Notations

    10 L AG First Time Brew Advice

    I'm going to give it a go. I've been edged on by a friend mainly because he would like a small 10 L batch of beer for a specific event in May/June. I won't be buying additional equipment, so will be an on the hob job, using basic methods for a post I was linked regarding giving AG a go for the...
  4. Grizzly Notations

    Grizzly Notations Brew Days

    So now that I have a small grasp on what I'm doing, I will start adding to this. Just placed an order for my first brew of 2020. Going with a Passionfruit DIPA!
  5. Grizzly Notations

    All Grain

    Can I do all grain with the basics I have in a kitchen? I have fermenting vessels etc, but for the initial process prior to fermentation, do I need to buy anything?
  6. Grizzly Notations

    Aldi Brasserie De Noir

    2 new beers in Aldi for £2.99 a bottle. The beer is okay, but thought people might be interested in the rather heavy duty black glass bottles at 750ml. one is a Rhum Finish and the other is a Dry Hopped.
  7. Grizzly Notations


    Is it possible to make a NEIPA or similar from a regular IPA Beer Kit and any necessary additions from my local homebrew shop? What I'm ideally after is a yellow milk/smoothie look you get with a NEIPA, with fruity notes and a fruity and/or floral taste, anywhere from 4.5-7.5%. I know this is...
  8. Grizzly Notations


    It's arrived! If you've any questions or want more detailed pictures, let me know. So excited!
  9. Grizzly Notations

    Winter Fermentation

    With the wonderful thought of winter approaching, I was wondering about what brews I can get away with in lower temperatures. So my question/discussion is... What beers will do better in the cooler conditions whilst in fermentation?
  10. Grizzly Notations

    What to Buy Next

    I'm looking to upgrade my starter kit to a better starter kit. I would look into AG or BIAB but I know I'm not ready for yet. Most of the time, I tend to buy a liquid malt extract kit online, between 10-20L. I then sometimes split the batch and do something funky with 1 batch and leave the...
  11. Grizzly Notations

    Mixing Yeast

    How does it usually fare? Is it a Yeast 101 ''No No''? Does it cause problems? Is there a reason not to do it? I understand that some of the responses will be personal views, but I want to ascertain why you shouldn't or why others think you shouldn't.
  12. Grizzly Notations


    Anyone else here use Instagram for beer related photos? I tend to share pictures of the beers I'm drinking and occasionally, the brewing that's going on. You can find me here. Feel free to add away. Would be nice to see a few of you there!
  13. Grizzly Notations

    Spray Malt

    Anyone ever seen spray malt solidify?
  14. Grizzly Notations


    So I made a beer quite recently that once bottled, showed a lot of sediment at the bottom, I'm talking 2-3cm. My question is, can these be opened and re-bottled?
  15. Grizzly Notations

    Berocca and Other Effervescent Drinks

    Has anyone ever thought of using Berocca or any cheaper brand of Effervescent tablets to carbonate their beer? Not only would it carbonate the beer, might also give a fruit flavor and a **** load of vitamins.
  16. Grizzly Notations

    Need Instant Help!

    Putting together my xmas pudding wine right now. 2kg of xmas pudding, 750g of white sugar, 4 oranges of zest, 6 tins of mixed fruits... But what yeast do I use?
  17. Grizzly Notations


    I really like the idea of having this. It'd sit nicely in the small cupboard and it would be great to see the brew fermentation process from more than just the top. But my concern would be bottling. Do you siphon back in the FV that has the bottling wand on it once you're done?
  18. Grizzly Notations

    Beer Labels

    Idea's for removing the sticky glue that BrewDog seem to be obsessed with? It just doesn't come off. I have gone through so many of the previous threads, but nothing I have tried seems to touch the BrewDog ones... Which is annoying as that is where all my bottles are coming from.
  19. Grizzly Notations

    Rhubarb Sour Beer

    You heard me right, I want to make a Rhubarb Sour Beer. I'm a massive fan of sours and I want to give one a go. But there will be some conditions. I am still and will be using a beer kit, which one, I don't yet know. Which is why I'm here looking for some Jedi guidance from the folks that know.
  20. Grizzly Notations

    Russian Imperial Stout

    Just wanted to know what peoples thought's are on this. 5kg Stout Malt Extract 2kg Dark Malt Spray 500g Lactose Powder 20g British Ale Yeast 650g Brewing Sugar 150g Columbus Hops 700g Cognac Oak Chips Soaked in Remy Martin VSOP for 1 month I understand this will probably come out around the...