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  1. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Well did you manage to get to the hairdressers then?

    We have a 15 year old young man living with us. My wife picked him up from the school bus and knowing that she had had an appointment at the hairdressers today, he rather foolishly (bearing in mind this was after the appointment) asked her "Well, did you manage to get to the hairdressers then?"...
  2. Obadiah Boondoggle

    The next Malt buy by the South Cheshire Co-operative

    Avid followers of ours (both of them) will know that we have just competed our fifth and latest co-operative malt buy. We estimate that we have saved forum members well in excess of £1000 so far. We are just announcing our next round here We are currently planning to complete the next buy in...
  3. Obadiah Boondoggle

    What about this for the name of a pub?

    It's in Pickering N Yorks
  4. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Simple Guide to Choosing Malt

    I thought I would write this in the hope that someone might find it useful = simple guide to choosing malt
  5. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Collaborative Malt Group Buy - September

    @chopps @GeorgieV @Cheshire Cat @emerson909 @Falco @DavidT @NPi @PhilBrew @ceborame @Clint @Mungri @DavidB @LJPH @BlackRegent @hoppyscotty @Rogerh @HoppyTommy @Astie @Mike_Burton @Andy_K @mdex @WonkyDonkey @Kiwigaz @davidm @cjibbo @ches501 @shroppie @BridgeBrew @Rob11TC @MmmBeer @Spike. @Flan...
  6. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Multi-purpose compost

    Apart from planting plants in it - what other purpose might it have? I tried it to grout some tiles in the bathroom, but it didn't work. Didn't really work in the IPA either Any suggestions?
  7. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Does Anyone Remember OB's Problem Page - Whatever Happened to it? and then there was the Christmas one Hope no one responds to this with their - coming out of lockdown problems
  8. Obadiah Boondoggle

    25kg Pilsner £15.53 and 25kg Lager Malt £15.53

    Owing to ill health a member has been unable to collect these, and so they are available for anyone who wants them Both crushed Muntons in sealed bags with best by dates Jul 22 (Lager) and Aug 22 (Pilsner) Collection from CW11 If interested just let me know
  9. Obadiah Boondoggle

    June Collaborative Group Buy with Crisp - NW & Midlands

    @chopps @Obadiah Boondoggle @GeorgieV @Cheshire Cat @emerson909 @Falco @DavidT @NPi @PhilBrew @ceborame @Clint @Mungri @DavidB @LJPH @BlackRegent @hoppyscotty @Rogerh @HoppyTommy @Astie @Mike_Burton @Andy_K @mdex @WonkyDonkey @Kiwigaz @davidm @cjibbo @ches501 @shroppie @BridgeBrew @Rob11TC...
  10. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Malt Group Buy in London/Berkshire Area

    @chillipickle @Victor.l I have been approached by a couple of people to see if it would be possible to create a collaborative buying group in the London area to benefit from the low prices we are achieving in South Cheshire @chopps and I who set the group up here are happy to offer any support...
  11. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Beer Countdown
  12. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Overpitching Yeast

    Looking for views please on why you should not over pitch yeast
  13. Obadiah Boondoggle

    April 2021 North West & Midlands Malt Group Buy

    @chopps @GeorgieV @Cheshire Cat @emerson909 @DavidT @Falco @NPi @PhilBrew @ceborame @Clint @DavidB @bodger001 @BlackRegent @hoppyscotty @Rogerh @HoppyTommy @Astie @mdex @WonkyDonkey @Kiwigaz @davidm @cjibbo @ches501 @shroppie @BridgeBrew @Rob11TC @MmmBeer @spike @Flan @Mungri @HoppyTommy @Thonbi...
  14. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Is there a limit to the number of people you can have in a private message group?

    Is there a limit to the number of people you can have in a private message group?
  15. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Bitter Orange Tart

    The chef Nigela Lawson has posted her Bitter Orange Tart recipe on twitter today Is it just coincidence or is this a reference to Just wondering
  16. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Supermarket in Poland buys farmer’s misshapen beetroots to tackle food waste

    What I have noticed about this forum is that you can post about anything really, and it will end up in an interesting discussion/debate. So let see where this one goes :coat:
  17. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Hammered Copper Pub Table

    My son-in-law has bought a new shed and plans to fit it out as a pub/model railway man den He is looking for one of those hammered copper tables you get in a pub Any ideas where he might find one?
  18. Obadiah Boondoggle

    How to be happy in 2021 (despite everything)

    This content is pinched from an article in the Guardian - with a few changes 1. You've got to stay silly 2. Do something that makes you feel sexy 3. Do a job you love, even if it doesn't pay well 4. Don't fear failure 5. Embrace suffering 6. Make a difference What have I missed?
  19. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Dry Friers - are they any good?

    Mrs OB and I have been considering for a while whether to buy a dry frier Are they any good? How much faff are they? Which would you recommend? Which is heavier a ton of lead or a ton of feathers?
  20. Obadiah Boondoggle

    Jan 21 Malt Group Buy - Time to Order

    @chopps @GeorgieV @Cheshire Cat @emerson909 @DavidT @Falco @NPi @PhilBrew @ceborame @Clint @mungi @DavidB @bodger001 @BlackRegent @hoppyscotty @Rogerh @HoppyTommy @Astie @mdex @WonkyDonkey @Kiwigaz @davidm @cjibbo @ches501 @shroppie @BridgeBrew @Rob11TC @MmmBeer @spike @Flan Hi All, thanks to...