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  1. r-evans

    SS Brewtech with Recirc Pump setup.

    Just got all the fixings and fittings together for my new brew kettle, so testing them out. I took inspiration from the Clawhammer kit as I like their setup but didn't want to pay the price. Also thanks to @DavidHatton who shared a lot of info about his similar setup. I still need to buy an...
  2. r-evans

    Say hello to FermentCam

    Had a spare WiFi camera laying around doing nothing so I decided to make use of it...
  3. r-evans

    Where can I get these SS washers?

    Anyone know anywhere stocking these where I don't have to pay 500% the value of the item on shipping? Found several places for 70p but shipping is always £4+ Need it to be 1/2" to fit on a 1/2" tap kit. Cheers
  4. r-evans

    Cheap Inkbird on Amazon

    Just ordered the WiFi version for £32, the non WiFi version is £21...
  5. r-evans

    Very cheap Mash tun at Costco

    Posted in the offers thread but thought more people would see it here.
  6. r-evans

    £47 Igloo Cooler for Mash Tun

    Still nowhere near the $20 I paid for one of these in the states, but this is the cheapest I've ever seen one in the UK Apparently a £6 off code too, but hasn't been provided yet...
  7. r-evans

    Whirlpool necessary with SS Brewtech dip tube?

    I have a SS Brewtech kettle that I am yet to brew with, but plan to do BIAB. I'll be using a hop spider. I have always used a false bottom attached to a pick up tube on my kettles before, so not familiar with the Brewtech dip tube style. I will be recirculating with a pump during mash, is it...
  8. r-evans

    WANTED: 1/2" hole cutter for steel.

    I'm sure tons of people on here have bought either a step drill bit, hole punch or similar for their steel pots. Paid over a tenner, used it once then it has been collecting dust ever since. So, who wants to send one to me, I'll use once and then I'll send back to you? Or even better, I'll send...
  9. r-evans

    Any benefit to building an Inkbird PID box?

    I plan to use an Inkbird for my BIAB setup to control mash temp, along with a pump to recirculate the wort. I could buy an ITC-308 which I've used before and was fine, but have been looking at the ITC-100 which appeals to me as I like tinkering with things and building one into a box seems like...
  10. r-evans

    Cheapest place to buy Silicone O-Rings?

    I need a few 1/2" silicone o-rings as a couple I have on my kettle are starting to perish. Last time I bought some about 5 years ago I swear I got about 20 for £2 including delivery, now all I can find is around £1 each without delivery, which is ridiculous for a tiny bit of silicone.
  11. r-evans

    SS Brewtech Ball Valve PTFE Bushings

    Just bought a second hand Brewtech kettle and when taking the 3 piece ball valve apart I noticed a lot of gunk inside the main housing due to the bushings been slightly warn down and not making a proper seal with the ball. I can't find anywhere with replacements in stock, anybody know of...
  12. r-evans

    Spec me an element.

    Just bought a 15 gallon SS Brewtech kettle, bigger than I was going to go but it was a good price and gives me room for bigger batches in the future. I want to fit it with an electric element, but have never used one before. Would I be better buying two elements so I can use just one for...
  13. r-evans

    Best quality grain basket?

    Looking for a good quality grain basket with feet to fit a 15 gallon SS Brewtech kettle. The kettle is 49cm H x 38cm W Any recommendations?
  14. r-evans

    Anywhere in UK selling a kit like this...

    I really like this setup but am struggling to find any similar products in the UK. My previous go at home brewing was a 3 pot system but I really want to have a go at using something like this...
  15. r-evans

    Anybody seen these connections for sale?

    I really like the connector they use in this video for their recirculation (3:25 in the video) and I'm thinking of building a very similar set up to what they use. Anybody seen this type of thing for sale in the UK? I currently live in the US and they have it for sale on their site but it is...
  16. r-evans

    Full brew kit for sale.

    Got a full brew kit for sale. Have been buying this kit over the last few months, managed to brew with it once (the pots had a previous owner) but now I need to sell as my wife just took a job in the US and I don’t have anywhere to store it. QD = Quick Disconnect 1 x 22.7l stockpot with...
  17. r-evans

    NE IPA too ambitious for first go at AG?

    I currently have two recipe threads that a few people have kindly helped me piece together recipes for based on the kinda beers I love, NE Hop Bombs. Have been told a few times it's quite an ambitious recipe for my first ever brew and reading some other people's attempts at it, it looks like...
  18. r-evans

    Beer Hawk now selling HB equipment.

    Had a quick scan and couldn't see this has been posted. Looks like the AB Inbev deal has allowed them to bring more than US beer to these shores, quite a lot of US made homebrew equipment now available on their site that I haven't seen for sale over here previously...
  19. r-evans

    Trillium Fort Point Pale Ale

    This is one of my favourite beers and I found this recipe while looking around, was on a US Homebrew Forum and the guy didn't post any results yet but a few others said they've brewed something similar. I've changed it to Metric, anybody see any problems? 18.9L full volume mash 12.1L gallons...
  20. r-evans

    Thermowell + Digital Thermopen

    Thinking of adding one of these to my Mash Tun and Kettle, maybe HLT too so I don't have to keep putting my hand in the pot. Would like good quality for as cheap as possible. Any recommendations?