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  1. Saisonator

    Hard Water V RO Water Lager

    Has anybody brewed the same lager recipe but with one using hard water with acid addition and the other using RO water. I wondered if there was much difference with the finished product?
  2. Saisonator

    Great You Tube Video On Oxygen Free Kegging

    I like this idea of filling the keg with tap water and some sodium metabisulfite or a couple of crushed campden tablets, to remove oxygen from the keg.
  3. Saisonator

    Acid Malt

    Do many people on here use acid malt and if so, how do you think it compares to other acid additions with the finished beer flavour?
  4. Saisonator

    Kegorator Capacity Question

    I wondered if the taller larder type fridges will take four standard size corny kegs? Thanks
  5. Saisonator

    Adding Yeast To Secondary

    Hi I made a bitter a few weeks ago with LalBrew London, FG has come out a bit high for my taste at 1.019. I wondered if anybody has added a different yeast to the secondary and had success. I am wondering whether I need to make a starter first? Due to issues I may have with the yeast not...
  6. Saisonator

    Oktoberfest Lower ABV

    Started drinking an Oktoberfest I brewed 3 weeks ago, came out as my best lager type beer so far. I pressure fermented it at 19c and 28psi. It has fermented very clean and carbonation is perfect, clarity is probably 8/10 but I did not add gelatine and it's only three weeks since brewed. Clear...
  7. Saisonator

    Dry Hopping At Yeast Pitch

    Here is a good podcast about the use of dry hoping during yeast pitch. I was surprised at the success they had with it. I plan to give it a try with the American IPA I plan to brew in the next ferw days. Very useful method if you want to pressure ferment and carry out a closed transfer into a...
  8. Saisonator

    KegLand Official Shop

    Hi, I plan to put an order in for a couple of items at the Chinese site on AliExpress. Can anybody recommend any handy items for people who use corny kegs, which make life easier? Cheers
  9. Saisonator

    House Bitter Recipe

    Does anybody have a favourite English Bitter recipe? I bought some Challenger hops today for the first time today to give them a try. Making a Bitter with MO, crystal, torrified Wheat and chocolate malt.
  10. Saisonator

    Home Made Grainfather Coat

    I made one before out of a car windscreen reflector, got a bit dirty now so plan to make a better one. I found this template online and ordered a foil backed camping mat from Amazon. I will put some photos up when made and fitted. file:///H:/Data/Brewing/Graincoat%20Template.webp
  11. Saisonator

    Burco Boiler

    Burco Boiler 20L C20THF for sale. Used as sparge water heater a couple of times. £75 buyer collects only from Ashford near Staines or Kingston Upon Thames
  12. Saisonator

    New to Kegging

    Hi I will be kegging a beer into a corny tonight. I plan to use some pipe from my FV tap onto the out/liquid connection of my keg. I will clean and rinse the keg then use 2 litres of starsan to sanitise, which I will push out with C02. Will there be any issues with oxydation as I will only be...
  13. Saisonator

    AIPA or APA Recipe Advice

    Hi, I wondered what would be your favourite recipe with the following bill- Marris otter malt Medium crystal malt Torrified wheat Falconer's Flight Hops I have US05 and CML PIA yeast Torrified wheat optional. Cheers
  14. Saisonator

    Sealing Refrigerator Foam

    Hi all, Hi I have just been cutting the door shelving on my fridge so I have space house my kegs. Trouble is it leaves bare foam which will make the fridge a problem to sanitise. I wondered if any body knows of a liquid sealant / paint that can be used to seal the foam. Cheers
  15. Saisonator

    Cellar Gas Supplier London / Surrey Area?

    Hi all, I wondered who is the cheapest supplier of CO2 in the London / Surrey area? So far I have found a local shop that does a 6.35kg bottle for £60 deposit and £36 refill, so £96 in total. That is with Adams gas. Cheers
  16. Saisonator

    No Chill Cubes

    Hi, I wondered where everybody buys no chill cubes from. I am looking for a 15 litre example but no luck so far.
  17. Saisonator

    Beer Crate And Bottles

    Hi, I have new beer crates and used one time, clean bottles. Bottles are all of the same size and shape. £10 each for one crate full of 20 bottles. I have two crates to sell. Can be collected from Ashford, Surrey near Heathrow or Kingston upon Thames during daytimes.
  18. Saisonator

    My Hop Taste Has Changed

    Has anybody else gone off hops that taste like mango and back to hops that taste like hops? I have. Especially in real ale hand pumped beer.
  19. Saisonator

    Kegs At Different Pressures

    Is the only way to have kegs at different pressures, to use a twin regulator?
  20. Saisonator

    Keg Setup

    I wondered if anybody can recommend a place to buy a two keg, kegorator kit. I need kegs, taps lines etc. I have the fridge and inkbird ready.